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Airtight Containers and Metal Stashes


Airtight Containers and Metal Stashes

Airtight containers

After harvesting and drying cannabis, there’s an important step that you’ll need to follow; curing and storing your cannabis flowers properly. This category contains the best airtight containers and boxes designed for curing your cannabis and for storing your weed and cannabis extracts.

Curing Boxes

After harvesting and drying your buds, you’ll need to cure them correctly in order to guarantee quality flowers. This process involves curing your buds via the slow, controlled purge of remaining humidity, which also helps to degrade the chlorophyll. Thanks to this process, you can obtain cannabis which produces more potent flavours, aromas and even effects.

You could say that curing is the last step, and it’s a shame that many growers ignore the process entirely; something so simple can make for quite a leap in quality in your cannabis.

At La Huerta Grow Shop we have a wide range of cedar wood curing boxes designed for professionals such as the 00 Box, which is available in three different sizes, designed to offer the perfect curing process. This box comes with a hygrometer and a sponge used to increase humidity inside if necessary, as well as a 136 micron mesh designed to allow you to filter any loose trichomes that mature buds tend to produce; they fall down into a removable tray at the bottom of the box.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can also check out our non-varnished wooden curing box, which comes in four different sizes, designed to cure your buds. However, this model doesn’t have a hygrometer and it’s also not made out of cedar wood, which has low porosity and is considered the best wood in which to cure cannabis.

Airtight Containers for Storing Cannabis

One of the best ways to store cannabis so that it conserves all of its important properties is to do so either in a vacuum pack or in opaque airtight containers that don’t allow air nor light to get in. At La Huerta Grow Shop we have a wide range of airtight containers designed for storing cannabis, available in different sizes.

  • Our cannabis airtight storage containers are ideal for storing your cannabis without having them degrade. They have a cover that, when closed, causes a vacuum effect, making it ideal for keeping your flowers safe. Plus, these containers keep all aromas in, and are available in different sizes, from 0.6 to 10L – the ideal sizes for those that don’t have much cannabis to store as well as those that need to store large amounts of cannabis.
  • If what you need is to be able to transport or store smaller amounts of cannabis in a discreet manner without producing any aromas, we present you with the Space Vac, a hermetic container with a vacuum valve that allows you to store up to 5g cannabis. If you’re looking for a smaller container (for one bud or for extracts), we recommend using the 5.5 x 4.5 cm Glass Jar, or our 5ml Honey Jar containers which are made out of borosilicate and have a silicone lid that makes for an airtight seal.

Containers for Storing Extracts

There are some types of cannabis extracts such as BHO or Rosin that require certain types of anti-stick materials when stored such as silicone. In La Huerta Grow Shop’s catalogue you can find different types of silicone containers in different sizes, making it easier to handle and transport your extracts.

For example, we also stock discreet white silicone containers that can hold up to 3ml, coloured silicone boxes that hold up to 5ml, and plastic BHO boxes with silicone covers that hold 10ml, ideal for storing or carrying small amounts. In addition, if you’re a paraphernalia collector, you’ll love the Mini Skull Qnubu silicone container, which comes in the shape of a skull and can hold up to 3ml.

If you love extracts and you need to store large or different types of concentrates, you can also check out our silicone containers which come in two and six sections, designed to separate your concentrates into type, quality or any other preference.

Accessory Storage

If you’re also looking for a place to store all of your smoker’s accessories, we have stock large XL RAW metal containers designed to store your accessories and tools such as lighters, rolling papers etc. You can combine this box with the RAW Anti-odour smoker’s pouch, which is ideal for carrying around your cannabis and accessories discreetly, without unwanted aromas. Available in various sizes: 15, 30 and 115g.

Plus, if you’re looking for the maximum possible discretion when it comes to transporting small amounts of cannabis, we also have auto-closing pressure containers, designed to look like a harmless tuna or pate can. These cans can only be used once; in order to open them you have to pull on the ring. Ideal for maximum discretion, nobody will suspect a thing.

If you have any questions regarding how to cure or store your cannabis buds or extracts, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of experts for the best professional advice.

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