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Without Pollen Catcher


Without Pollen Catcher

Grinders, also known as shredders, are fundamental tools when it comes to consuming cannabis via smoking or vaping; in order to burn or vape flowers evenly, it’ll need to be shred properly.

Grinders without Pollen Catchers

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find the best one and two part grinders, without pollen/resin catchers or meshes for resin, made out of plastic or metal.

Card Grinder

If you’re looking for a grinder that’s easy to carry around and stays clean, we recommend trying out the card grinder. This type of grinder is essentially a metal plaque that’s the same size as a credit card, with either a thin mesh or sharp holes so you can easily shred your cannabis. They’re easy to use; place the card in the palm of your hand, and with your free hand pass the bud over the grid just like you would bread or cheese. Make sure to keep your fingers together while holding the grinder. It’s similar in size to a normal card, which makes it discreet and easy to carry in your pocket, purse etc. You can even have it on your keychain! These grinders are ideal, easy to clean and never stick. You can check out the different models in our catalogue such as the Skull, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, Twins, Rasta Leaves, Joker, Rasta Lion

Two-Piece Grinder

You might prefer to grind up your weed using a two-piece grinder, which is the most conventional model, and it’s also the easiest to carry around within the realm of these types of grinders. You can easily fit in your pocket; it’s smaller and makes the most of all of the resin in your buds.

Plastic Grinder

The grinders here are easy to carry and super affordable:

  • Plastic XXX 2-Part 60mm Grinder, this model is super easy to handle. It has a magnet to keep it shut when you turn it, with pyramidal teeth on the inside that cannabis flowers don’t stick to. This grinder is super affordable and is ideal for those that tend to forget or lose their grinders. Made out of plastic, available in 3 colours: blue, orange and green.
  • If you’re looking for a grinder to shred your buds as well as store your weed when carrying it, we recommend the Vac grinder, a grinder made using military grade ABS plastic, which, apart from shredding your weed, it also allows you to store up to 10g of cannabis, completely air tight with maximum discretion. This grinder can store cannabis inside and is available in four colours; blue, black, red and green. The ideal tool for enjoying some buds over the weekend, short vacations or trips.
  • If you like to have everything on you at the same time, the Combie Grinder is ideal, combining everything you need to roll yourself a joint: a compartment for your cannabis, another for your shredded cannabis, papers, and roaches. Available in 5 models: Rabbit, Devil, Gorilla, Indian and Lion. This grinder is made out of nylon and glass fibers, highly durable material. It’s 31mm in diameter, has 14 teeth and 14 blades used to easily shred your cannabis. Once the flowers have been shred, they end up stored in another compartment. This grinder has neodymium N52 magnets which keep it shut.

Metal Grinder

Metal grinders are much easier to clean and more durable; our catalogue stock the following models:

  • The 40mm Metal Grinder is a two-piece grinder that has a magnet which keeps it closed. It has a specific design inside which stops cannabis from getting stuck inside.
  • If you have big hands, you might prefer a 50mm Metal Grinder, the largest grinder without a pollen catcher that’s made out of metal. This grinder is durable and it’s easy to clean, allowing you to make the most of every trichome.
  • One of our best grinders, known for its quality and design, is the Quick Grinder. This shredder has an amazing feature; once the weed has been shredded, you can press a button and it ejects the weed without having to bang it off of anything. This grinder is super easy to use and silent, perfect for rolling a midnight joints without having to hit your grinder to empty it.

If you have any questions about our grinders, get in touch with our team who are more than happy to resolve any issues you may have.

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