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Ambrosia (Enecta)


Ambrosia (Enecta)

Ambrosia Enecta

Ambrosía CBD is a brand by Enecta CBD that manufactures e-liquids with CBD for e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Ambrosia CBD produces a sensation of high quality vapor with a 99% pure CBD concentration, extracted by some of the best hemp strains grown in organic, certified soil.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, an active component present in cannabis plants used in various countries due to its benefits, as it doesn’t produce a psychoactive effect.

Hemp plants used by Enecta CBD are similar to industrial hemp strains; they’re rich in CBD and produce less than 0.2% THC, making it legal to grow in Italy, where Enecta CBD manufactures their products.

What is Enecta CBD

The company Enecta CBD was founded in Amsterdam in the year 2012, specialised in the production of Cannabidiol (CBD) extracts. Their team is made up of growers, scientists, biologists and educators who are dedicated to putting cannabis back into a position of natural therapeutic treatment. Their objective is to achieve the highest quality CBD, which is why they produce products without any chemicals or heavy metals, at a competitive price.

Enecta CBD is a Safe Product

Hemp plants used for the extracts are grown ecologically in Italy without any pesticides nor chemical herbicides. In order to do so, they use hemp from just one strain that naturally produces high amounts of CBD. Italy is a place where, all throughout history, hemp has been grown and is capable of being grown easily.

They study and analyse their plants in order to verify their CBD content and in order to guarantee that their THC level is under 0.2%. These studies are done internally and with specialized independent researchers. Their products are made in labs that have GMP certificates and follow all of the necessary FDA regulations.

Enecta CBD controls the entire chain of production in order to guarantee a safe product. Their production standards are put under strict quality control processes in as far as high quality and safety in order to guarantee product excellency.

Their Objectives; Research and Development

Enecta CBD’s aim is to achieve high quality CBD extracts from plants grown with the objective to maximize the presence of natural phyto-compounds.

Cannabis is Enecta CBD’s area of research, and all of their effort goes into investigating the medicinal values of this plant. Enecta works with clinical testing, university investigators and projects in order to learn more about cannabis and its extracts.

This brand has chosen to make their products in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment, and it does so via ecological manufacturing in order to achieve healthy, ethical products at an affordable prices.

La Huerta Grow Shop Ambrosia CBD Products

Here you can find the best selection of Ambrosia CBD products, a liquid solution for vaping CBD, with natural flavours and exctracts, ready to use in e-cigarettes and e-liquid vaporizers.

Ambrosia CBD e-liquids have a 70% PG (propylene glycol), 30% VG (vegetable glycerin) and a pure 99% CBD extract that comes from organically grown plants.

Ambrosia CBD vaping e-liquids are made in Italy in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratories in order to guarantee quality and safety.

The CBD concentration in their e-liquids is 2% (200 mg), and they’re tested in independent laboratories. This product is 100% free of nicotine and THC.

Ambrosia CBD’s e-liquids don’t produce any psychoactive effects, while still conserving the therapeutic effects of CBD. Available in three flavours:

  • Cannabis: an exclusive Ambrosia CBD flavour, that has been achieved thanks to the plants’ natural composition.
  • Peach: soft, sweet peach flavours and a delicious fruity flavour.
  • Tobacco: intense tobacco flavours, free of nicotine.

If you have any questions regarding our Ambrosia CBD products, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop.

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