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For over 25 years, Cones has made the best pre-rolled cones on the market.

If you’ve ever travelled to the Netherlands and you’ve seen their coffee shops or you’re a member of a cannabis club, you’ve no doubt seen perfectly cone-shaped pre-rolled joints.

What are Cones?

In this case, Cones is a brand by Mountainhigh, which is a part of the Vandenberg Special Products B.V, located in the city of Oud Beijerland in the Netherands. They’re one of the most renowned paper manufacturers; ultra-fine and high quality, sought-after in Europe. Cones-Mountainhigh is a manufacturer of pre-rolled cones, with which rolling your joints is much, much easier.

Mountainhigh’s cones are made out of extremely thin, neutral papers so that you can make the most of your cannabis’s natural flavour. These incredibly high-quality smoking papers come with an original Cones watermark to guarantee authenticity, and they produce a nice and slow burn.

Plus. These cones also come with a sturdy cardboard tip. The innovative filter used allows for smoke to pass through while also catching any bits of tobacco or cannabis. Mountainhigh Cones provide a comfortable and pleasing cannabis experience.

La Huerta Grow Shop Cones

Check out our catalogue if you’re interested in the following types:

Bulk Brown King Size Cones: pre-rolled cones ready to fill, made out of extra thin hemp papers, made in an eco-friendly manner with no whitening products. These cones measure 109 x 20mm and are available in boxes of 1000 units, ideal for clubs, associations and fans of pre-rolled cones.

Additionally, we also stock Cones’ largest rolling paper, a pre-rolled 28cm long Giga Cone, which can hold up to 5.12g of cannabis, or the equivalent of 10 cigarettes, ideal for taking to parties or cannabis festivals.

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