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With just over 10 years on the market, Da Vinci vaporizers are already synonymous with quality and high technology. In just a few years this brand has managed to become the preferred brand of cannabis consumers when it comes to choosing a portable vaporizer. Keep reading in order to find out how this is done and find out which their best products are.

Da Vinci Tech Origins

Enthusiasm when it comes to creative vision is what lead Cortney Smith to create Da Vinci Tech in 2011 with the objective to achieve perfection in regards to elaborating cannabis flower and extract vaporizers.

Their products have a carefully crafted design, careful engineering put into each detail and a creative technology based on constant product innovation.

Cortney learned that attention to detail is incredibly important during her first business venture to introduce bungee jumping to Chone. In order to get this done, she needed to pay extreme attention to detail, choosing the materials, the providers etc. With more than two million jumpers in 70 different locations, it can be said that the company was an extreme success. With this exact same calculated vision, this pioneer jumped into the vaping market and was instantly known for their high quality products.

Why Does Da Vinci Make the Best Vaporizers

DaVinci Tech aims to constantly innovate in cannabis consumption technology, while also increasing healthy and responsible consumption. Their key to success is based on many reasons:

  • Ever since they started out, their products have been made using medicinal-grade products. The quality of their vaporizers can be observed in the careful selection of materials and their technological prowess, included in each and every product they produce.
  • Their entire philosophy is based on the idea that everything is possible through human genius, and with this spirit it’s possible to win over a market with as many hurdles as the cannabis market.
  • The excellence behind this brand translates directly to an amazing consumer experience as well as product quality. Da Vinci Tech vaporizers make sure to pay extremely close attention to detail in order to offer the best possible results when vaping cannabis and extracts.
  • Da Vinci vaporizers are more technologically advanced and more comfortable to handle. Their devices have precise temperature control, the latest generation in heating technology and longer lasting batteries.

Most Affordable Da Vinci Vaporizer

Here you can find the best designed models by this brand, at affordable prices.

Da Vinci Miwro, Easy to Transport

The Da Vinci Miqro Vaporizer is the smallest portable vape on the market; it measures just 3.5 x 8 x 2.3 cm, and it weighs just 100g (less than many phones). Even though it’s a small device, the Da Vinci Miqro is one of the most technologically advanced vapes on the marker, with three different temperature control methods:

  • Direct Control
  • Smart Path: using intelligent vaping programs to improve and make the most of your weed.
  • Boost Mode: this increases the temperature so that you can inhale as many cannabinoids as possible.

This vaporizer can fit 0.25g of cannabis in its bowl, which can be reduced to half using a zirconium pearl. This device uses a ceramic bowl and the vapor circulation chamber is zirconium in order to provide the best flavour while producing dense, aromatic vapours.

The Da Vinci Miqro has a 18350 mAh removable battery so you can keep vaping.

This vaporizer is available in two models; basic and explorer, which also come with a container that can fit another battery or for storing cannabis. They also come with an extra battery, a grinder, an extendible tip and a case.

Da Vinci IQ2: Smart Vape for Weed and Extracts

The new portable vaporizer Da Vinci IQ 2 is this brands star product, a totally configurable intelligent vaporizer that you can adjust using an app. The IQ2 will allow you to vaporize both flowers and all types of oils. Da Vinci also has an air flow function in this model; increasing airflow allows for a less dense vapour that’s up to 50% cooler, while reducing airflow increases vapour density. It has 5 different settings so you can find the best airflow for your particular preferences.

The Da Vinci IQ2 has a dose control system; if you upload the strength of your cannabis or extracts, the vaporizer will calculate the consumption of THC and CBD, which can be quite useful for medicinal cannabis consumers.

Its 4.5 x 9.2 x 2.5 cm size and 159 gram weigh are higher than the Miqro model, but it’s definitely worth it.

If you have any questions regarding Da Vinci Tech vaporizers, get in touch with our store, where you’ll find professionals ready to help.

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