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Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady is the UK’s main e-liquid manufacturer. In their short time on the market, they’ve won numerous prizes and have become a true reference in as far as sweet flavours.

Dinner Lady has invested a lot of hard work in this project so that their customers can have the best vaping experience.

Dinner Lady’s History

This brand started off back in 2016, when they released their flavour Lemon Tart, which quickly revolutionized the sector.

The next year is when they really took off. Dinner Lady, from their base in Blackburn (UK) invested four million pounds in order to buy new machinery and grow.

This effort was repaid in 2019 when they turned out to be the most award-winning brand in the sector.

Nowadays, in their innovative manufacturing installation in the UK, Dinner Lady employs over 200 people to make sure their products reach over 100 countries. In this short time, this brand has won over 50 prizes.

Why is Dinner Lady One of the Best E-Liquid Brands?

Dinner Lady has come a long way in no time at all, and the reasons behind their success are the following:

  • They’re highly invested in marketing. Their careful brand design, which is similar to traditional British sweets, has attracted thousands of customers that have been able to stop smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • All of their products they’ve created themselves and are locally made, offering the best vaping experience to their customers.
  • Their e-liquids are made in the UK under rules and regulations by the corresponding health organization.
  • Their strategy of having a catalogue with few products that are masterfully made has worked. Behind each product there’s an incredible amount of work in order to guarantee premium results. This allows them to differentiate themselves from other brands with larger catalogues.

La Huerta Grow Shop Dinner Lady Products

In our catalogue you can find Dinner Lady’s Sweet range, also named Tuck Shop. This range of e-liquids is world-renowned and has won many prizes; it’s characterized for taking inspiration from classic British candy and sweets.

  • It has a VG and PG 50/50 ratio, and these liquids come in 25ml containers that are ready to mix and use.

Enjoy Dinner Lady’s best e-liquids at the best prices.

Dinner Lady E-Liquids to Buy

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find the entire Dinner Lady Sweet range, which includes:

  • Water Melon Slice has a delicious candy watermelon flavour, an e-liquid that fills your tastebuds with a refreshing nostalgia.
  • Apple Sours, this tastes of sweet apple with an acidic hint towards the end.
  • Sweet Fusion, an explosion of chewy, fruity caramel.
  • Lemon Sherbet which combines sherbet and lemon pie with delicious caramel hints.
  • Bubble Trouble is an e-liquid that you’ll love if you enjoy sweet bubble gum or cotton candy.

In order to find more out about Dinner Lady products, get in touch with la Huerta Grow Shop and our professionals will help answer any questions you may have.

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