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Electronic cigarettes and e-liquid vaporizers are used as a healthier alternative to consuming tobacco cigarettes. They rapidly became popular among both smokers and non-smokers. Joyetech is one of the most important manufacturers in this sector.

What is Joyetech?

Joyetech is one of the biggest e-liquid vape manufactures in the world.

This company was founded in 2007 and is based in Shenzen, China, the world capital of technology. Ever since they started out, Joyetech has been revolutionizing the sector, both in basic kits as well as sophisticated atomizers and mods, high in quality.

Many innovations and studies done by Joyetech have also been incorporated into other brands, and nowadays they can be found everywhere, such as standard 510 threads, refillable tanks, digital screens on vapes, Bluetooth connections and firmware.

Joyetech has joined some of the most prestigious associations in the vaping industry in the hopes of improving consumers’ vaping experience and in order to work together with other companies. Their products have all of the necessary legal certifications.

Joyetech’s Keys to Success

The reasons behind why Joyetech have soared towards popularity when it comes to making e-liquid vaporizers are quite easy to see:

  • Ever since they started out, the leaders at Joyetech understood the need to have teams of professional designers and engineers for developing the highest quality e-liquid vaporizers. Joyetech invests a lot of resources when it comes to investigating and developing new technologies, material studies and design.
  • Joyetech compeats with high quality and innovative products, vaporizers that are absolute classics. With their forward thinking point of view, this company is heavily invested in innovation and technological growth, as well as product excellency.
  • Ever since 2016 Joyetech has been cooperating with some of the most prestigious EU and US laboratories designed to certify their products. They have a team of professionals dedicated to supervising the application of regulations in the EU and in the USA.

Joyetech E-Liquid Vaporizers at La Huerta Grow Shop

eGo AIO e-liquid vaporizer by Joyetech is the most popular model by this manufacturer. This AIO kit (all in one) has a 1500mAh battery and an atomizer which can fir 2ml of e-liquids. This vape has one of the best price/quality ratios on the market. The eGo AIO allows you to personalize the colour with which it lights up, and it comes with a safety so that it doesn’t accidentally look. This vaporizer comes with two mouthpieces, one of them is long for those looking for a mouth to lung experience, and a smaller one if you prefer going straight for the lungs.


  • 1500mAh battery
  • 2ml tank
  • 118.5mm long
  • 19mm diameter

If you have any questions regarding Joyetech products, make sure to get in touch with our store where you’ll find personnel ready to give you a hand.

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