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Juicy Papers

Juicy Jays is a company specialized in manufacturing intensely flavoured rolling papers. They started out in the 90s and nowadays they’re an exemplary brand in the sector.

Juicy Hemp Wrap Blunts

One of this brands’ star products are the Juicy Hemp Wrap Blunts, blunt paper made using pure hemp, available in multiple flavours and in natural flavours for those that only want to experience the flavour of their buds.

With these blunt papers you can make the most of your cannabis without experiencing the negative effects produced by whitened papers, tobacco nor nicotine. They’re also ideal for those looking to consume their cannabis with certain discretion; their potent flavours and aromas can mask the aroma produced by cannabis.

These containers come with two 105mm blunts, with a Ziploc bag for maximum conservation. Our recommendation is to keep them in the bag if you’re not going to use them; if they dry out too much they’ll be hard to roll and can also lose quite a lot of flavour.

If you’ve had problems with your harvest this year and it turns out your flowers aren’t producing the aroma or flavour that you’d like, you can always accompany them with flavoured papers such as Tropical Passion or Mango Papaya in order to create a more pleasing experience.

If you have any questions about Juicy Jay’s blunts, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of experts and we’ll sort you out.

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