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Ossem eliquids

When the first vapes and e-cigarettes for e-liquids came around, they were considered a substitute for tobacco, and e-liquid flavours were successfully made to imitate, to greater or lesser measure, the flavour of tobacco. In these e-liquids, it was important to simulate the sensation behind smoking rather than the flavour and experience itself.

Years later, e-liquid manufacturers realized that they had created a whole new sector of consumers, and they decided to create ne aromas in order to offer their public more variety. Thus, various flavours such as fruits, desserts, energetic drinks, licoricey flavours, bakery etc.

The Rise in Fruity, Refreshing Flavours

The latest vaping tendencies are designed around fruity flavours with a hint of minty freshness, and they also use Koolada, which adds a hint of coolness which can be felt along the back of the mouth and throat. Menthol is another element that’s used often, providing flavours to e-liquids as well as extra freshness.

This refreshing tendency started in Malaysia and rapidly spread around the world, and it’s still a special characteristic of e-liquids made in this Asian country,

Some of the main Malaysian e-liquid manufacturers include Ossem, a new brand that in no time at all has managed to position itself at the top of the market.

Ossem, Leading E-Liquid Manufacturer

Their story starts in 2015 with the creating of the company 77 Flavor. As the market grew and demanded more, this brand began to specialize in fruity flavours and their popularity rose so fast that they decided to change their product presentation and establish a new brand specialized in flavours sought-after by consumers. This is why, a couple of years after creating 77 Flavor, they created Ossem E-Juice.

Ever since they started out, Ossem associated their brand with extreme sports, acrobatics and events. They’ve also created a stereotypical masculine character that’s an extreme athlete called Fred to symbolize the brand.

As of now, Ossem e-liquids are distributed to over 30 countries in 5 continents.

Ossem Objectives

Ossem sells high quality e-liquids with delicious flavours, and their creative team places special care when it comes to designing the brand. Their aim is for consumers to obtain the best vaping experience, surpassing their expectations and offering the best price/quality ratio. At Ossem they’re convinced they can offer an alternative to consuming tobacco and to the health risks implied by that consumption.

Ossem Products at La Huerta Grow Shop

Our catalogue has some of the best e-liquids by the brand Ossem, made using an e-liquid base with a 70% VG and 30% PG proportion. Their flavours, true to the Malaysian style, combining fruity notes with fresh koolada flavours.

  • American Melon: a delicious fresh watermelon flavour with earthy hints.
  • Japanese Peach: the famous Japanese peach, smooth and fragrant.

If you have any questions regarding Ossem’s e-liquids, get in touch with our store.

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