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Pachamama E-Liquids


Pachamama E-Liquids

Pachama Eliquids

Pacha Mama is a brand by Charlie’s Holdings Inc, a company with a base in California dedicated to making premium quality e-liquids that provide the best results when vaped.

The Origins of Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust, the company that sells Pacha Mama e-liquids, has their origins back in 2014, when a group of ex tobacco smokers realized the importance of reinforcing the alternatives to combustible cigarettes. This is why this group decided to focus on creating high quality e-liquids.

The main members of this project didn’t need long to reach the top; the search of a more healthy lifestyle turned into the main reason behind this brand’s rapid rise to fame.

In order to make sure that more adult smokers had a healthier alternative to cigarettes, in 2019 this group entered the public stock market and created Charlie’s Holdings Inc.

As of now, their products reach over 90 countries in the entire world, and they’re also expanding with CBD products.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Key to Success

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a company that is true to its mission and clients, and has become a leading force in this sector in the US.

Their rapid success is based on:

  • Their approach towards the needs and preferences of consumers in order to offer the best flavours on the market.
  • A wide catalogue of products with a distinct style and innovative design.
  • The creation of elaborate and creative flavour profiles that are not like other brands’.
  • Responsible innovation and their unwavering need to follow legal regulations; Charlie’s Chalk Dust is dedicated to offering a safe, high quality product.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Products at La Huerta Grow Shop

Our store has some of the best products from the Pacha Mama range.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust has developed a range of e-liquids called Pacha Mama in honour of mother earth. This e-liquid range is designed to imitate fruity flavours from around the world, and it has a spectacularly wide range of flavours. Pacha Mama is considered the top range in as far as fruity flavours. Their liquids have a 70% VG and 30% PG ratio, producing sweet, dense vapour clouds.

Pacha Mama E-Liquids

Some of their most renowned flavours include:

  • Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine: this combination of fruit produces realistic, clean flavours. When you inhale the vapour produced by this e-liquid, first you’ll notice the fresh fuji apple flavour, which gives way to strawberry, ending in a delicious nectarine flavour when exhaled.
  • Coconut Cream with Peach and Papaya: this e-liquid does exactly what the name suggest, combining flavours in a smoothie-like concoction. When inhaled, you’ll experience a delicious sweet Georgia peach and Papaya flavour, which turns into a delicious creamy coconut flavour when exhaled.

If you have any questions regarding the e-liquids found in Pacha Mama’s range, get in touch with the personnel here at La Huerta Grow Shop and we’ll help you out.

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