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Shine Papers


Shine Papers

Shine Papers

Shine Papers is a company that manufactures rolling papers made out of 24 karat gold and has been active since 2013. Their product has become a massive success thanks to celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and thousands of people that become the life of the party when they light their golden joint.

Rolling Papers Made of Gold

Made out of real gold, with a certificate for authenticity, Shine 24k Gold is easy to roll and it burns evenly and slowly; you can even see the gold in the ash!

As well as containing gold, they’re made using hemp alongside it for a truly authentic experience. These papers are available in king size format and in pre-rolled cones.

Stand out at your next get-together with friends thanks to these golden papers, or you can surprise your friends or loved ones with an amazing present.

These papers do not produce odours nor flavours, and studies have been done that show that they don’t produce any negative effects other than those associated with combustion. The gold used is food-grade and it remains in the ash afterwards, for an even more glamorous experience.

If you have any questions regarding these golden papers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the amazing team of experts here at La Huerta Grow Shop.

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