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What is Vaporesso?

Vaporesso is a brand that’s dedicated to creating e-liquid vaporizers. Founded in 2015 by Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co. LTD, who has 12 years of dedication when it comes to working on and improving vaping products.

Vaporesso has over 1000 patents and 5 research centres dedicated to constantly improving their products. A leading brand on the e-liquid vaporizer brand, their philosophy is based around creating a smoke-free environment while giving their consumers an amazing experience.

They aim to keep up sustainable manufacturing within the e-liquid vaporizing market, while also offering high quality results.

Vaporesso’s main company started out in 2009, and it’s currently the largest vaping product company, valued at over 25,000 dollars. They have technology, innovation and passion for vaporizing; this brand has created products that are absolutely emblematic in the vape industry.

Vaporesso’s Key to Success

Vaporesso is highly involved with continuous innovation, extreme quality control, and a promise to create products that meet the needs of all consumers.

  • Constant innovation is a fundamental part of Vaporesso. Thanks to constant R + D, this brand keeps up research in order to get past technical issues and achieve designs that are innovative and mould breaking.
  • Quality is also incredibly important for Vaporesso. They put their products and their materials under exhaustive testing and quality control; they also have certifications from multiple quality authorities so that consumers always get the best.
  • They aim to use the best technology, designs and quality in order to produce satisfying experiences with their e-liquid vaporizers.

Vaporesso Products at La Huerta Grow Shop

Our store stocks a wide range of some of the best Vaporesso products:

  • Vaporesso Veco Solo Kit: this kit is ideal for starting out when it comes to vaping, and it’s also a great choice for more experienced e-liquid consumers. This kit comes with a 1500mAh battery, and a universal ECO 0.2ohm coil. The Vaporesso Veco Solo kit is super easy to carry; it weighs just 83g, and it’s 22 x 100mm in size. It’s super easy to use and highly functional; it has just one button. It also allows you to adjust the upper airflow. This is definitely the best kit when it comes to starting out your experience in the vaping world.
  • For advanced e-liquid consumers, we also have the Swag Vaporesso Kit, which comes with a Mod Swag and an NRG SE Mini Atomizer. The Mod Swag uses a replacable 18650 battery, with an ergonomic design and a reduced size of 121 x 48 x 25mm. It comes with an OLED screen that shows you the strength, temperature, ohms and the battery level. The SRG SE Mini Atomizer is easy to load thanks to its twist open design, which stops anything from leaking too. It also has an adjustable air system along the bottom, near the base. You can also get thick pack with a 18650 VTC battery.

The Best Accessories for your E-Liquid Vaporizers

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can also find:

  • The Vaporesso Ceramic EUC SS316L Coil, ideal for enjoying the best flavours without any alterations. It can be used with the Veco Solo vaporizer; keep it brand new!
  • Vaporesso GT6 Cores Coils designed specifically to be used with NRG Vaporesso tanks. They’re 0.2 ohms and 100% pure cotton.

Get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of experts here at La Huerta Grow Shop if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help!

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