Pipes, Bongs and Hookahs

Up until the invention of smoking papers in the 18th century, pipes or rolled up tobacco leaves were used to smoke. Nowadays, many cannabis consumers still use them to smoke extracts or to consume cannabis without papers nor filters. Pipes are always ready to go, allowing you to easily smoke up in situations where rolling can be awkward.

La Huerta Grow Shop’s Pipes

Here you can find the best pipes and bongs for smoking cannabis and extracts, as well as cachimbas, hookahs and shishas with which you can smoke hash or cannabis with flavoured molasses and with or without tobacco.

What Types of Pipes are There?

In our pipe section you can check out the best pipes on the market, made using different materials such as glass, wood and metal.

Glass pipes

If you’re looking for a pipe that allows you to enjoy the flavour of your flowers to the fullest, we recommend using a glass pipe. Although they’re made out of thick, strong borosilicate glass, they’re more fragile than wood or metal, although they also produce the best flavour and a fresher smoke. Glass also allows for beautiful designs, such as:

  • The 8 – 9 cm Glass Pipe: this is the smallest model in our catalogue, with a flat base so that you can set it down to refill.
  • Slightly larger, we have the 13cm Vortex Glass Pipe, with its elegant designs.
  • The 14cm Heisenberg Kawum Pipe is the largest pipe in our catalogue; a see-through glass pipe with a characteristic breaking bad design.

Wood Pipes

Wood pipes are much more durable than glass pipes and heat up less than metal ones. Some of the best wood pipes include:

  • Wooden Pirate Pipe: this pipe is handmade using two different colours of wood, available in two models.
  • 13cm Wooden Pipe: this engraved wooden pipe is slightly larger than the Pirate pipe, although both of them are super easy to carry around.

Metal Pipes

Metal pipes are more durable, although they also heat up the most.

  • 7cm Metal Pipes: this is the smallest model and is super easy to carry around and transport.
  • Skull and Spiderman: these are slightly larger than the previous, measuring 8.5cm.
  • Flexible 12cm Pipe: this is the largest metal pipe in our catalogue.

Here you can also find pipes that combine various materials such as the Aluminum Hammer Pipe with its glass interior, or the Mc Donalds silicone and glass pipe. We also stock Amazed pipes, which have an internal coil which cools down smoke, making them a much more discreet option; the pipe itself doesn’t produce any smoke. They also come in various sizes and a more affordable option, the Pure Amused pipe.


This section contains durable acrylic and metal bongs, ideal for taking out with friends or on other outings. We also have glass bongs, which produce purer and more elegant flavours.

Acrylic Bongs

At La Huerta you can find the best, high quality and affordable bongs:

Acrylic Amsterdam 21cm Bong: comfortable to carry and highly practical, the bowl and stem are metal.

Acrylic Cane Red Bud Boy 43cm Bong: this has all the benefits of the best glass bongs; it comes with a perc and you can place ice in the neck to cool down every drag.

Plus, we also stock Predator Bongs and Gas-Mask Bongs, with fun designs which are ideal for bringing to parties.

Glass Bongs

Check out our catalogue if you’re looking for some of the best glass bongs, in all sizes, with and without perc. Some of the best bongs include:

  • Frosted 15cm Glass Bong: this is the most affordable model.
  • If you’re looking for a bong with an amazing design, we recommend using the Green Alien Glass 15cm Bong, made using green glass.
  • Thuglife 16cm Bong: made using borosilicate glass, with an orange percolator.
  • If you’re an old school stoner and you prefer large bongs, we recommend using the Cristal Boost Beaker, it’s 30cm tall and is made using 5mm thick glass, and can hold ice.


In this section you can find all types of hookahs and shishas that are sure to meet your needs and preferences.

BHO pipes

In our BHO Pipes section you’ll find the best bongs and dab rigs for vaping your extracts with the most comfort and ease possible:

  • BHO Mini Oiler: this allows you to vape concentrates or smoke weed thanks to its double bowl.
  • 16m Glass BHO Bong: this bong can be used with a titanium or glass nail, as well as 14mm bangers.
  • G-Lock 64 Bong, and its older brother, Bong G-Lock 67 both use titanium nails and can also fit a 19mm banger.
  • We also stock carb caps, bangers, titanium and borosilicate nails, etc.

If you have any questions about what pipe to start off with, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

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