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BHO Pipes


BHO Pipes

Over the last decade, cannabis extracts obtained with or without solvents have become more popular, and they need specifically designed pipes or rigs to be consumes.

We stock some of the best pipes designed to consume this type of concentrates, made using the best high quality materials and available at affordable prices.

What are BHO Pipes?

These pipes, also known as BHO Bongs, Oilers, Bubblers or Dab Rigs, are bongs designed specifically to be used for consuming BHO, wax, shatter or rosin. This is because, due to their characteristics, these substances can’t be burnt in a bowl the same way as cannabis or hash, using a traditional bong.

Why are BHO Rigs Smaller?

As you can tell, dab rigs are usually much smaller, and they have a different percolator design than normal bongs designed for flowers. The main difference is that traditional bongs look to filter smoke and cool it down, whereas BHO extracts don’t contain any type of plant material, and bubblers or oil rigs don’t burn it, they vaporize it on a hot surface. The design behind BHO rigs is to achieve heat dissipation, easy drags and the maximum return possible from your extracts.

In order to make this choice easier for you, we’ve chosen the best BHO pipes on the market alongside the best accessories, such as titanium and borosilicate nails, bangers and carb caps.

What to Keep in Mind When Picking a BHO Rig

When picking a bubbler or bong for your BHO, you’ll need to keep the following parameters in mind:

  • Percolator and diffusor: this is a fundamental part in BHO pipes; they’re used to dissipate heat when you take a drag.
  • Connection: make sure to choose bongs with a standard 14mm or 19mm connection so you can adapt whatever type of banger you want.
  • Size: unlike bongs designed for cannabis, dab rigs don’t need to be large in order to be efficient, in fact it’s the opposite; in order to make the most of your materials it’s best to use a small one. The main difference here is going to be the percolator.
  • If you usually consume flowers in bongs and occasionally BHO, we recommend choosing one of the larger bongs. If your priorities are the other way around, you should use a smaller bong that allows you to add (or already has) a bowl for cannabis. The best option is definitely going for a large bong for just cannabis or hash which you can use with ice, and a BHO bong with a good percolator so that you can use it with extracts.
  • If your bong has a nail and you prefer to use a banger, that’s not an issue; most bongs allow you to switch out nails and domes for a banger with a carb cap.

BHO Pipes at La Huerta

Our catalogue has many different dab rig models that fit with the needs and preferences of all types of consumers:

  • The G Lock 64 Pipe is a 24cm borosilicate bubbler with an 8-outlet diffusor that refreshes and filters each drag. Even though it’s small and compact, it filters smoke well and is stable. Its 10cm base and curved mouthpiece make it super comfy to use.
  • If you’re looking for a larger pipe, you can check out the G Lock 67 Pipe, which measures 30cm. This bubbler has a borosilicate nail which has a vertical diffusor which allows you to choose, via water level, the filtration level that best fits your extract. The bowl has a male connection that can be switched out to smoke cannabis or hash.
  • 16cm Glass BHO Bong is a bubbler designed to vape concentrates that has a borosilicate nail and dome; all you need is a blow torch lighter. It has a 14mm connection, allowing you to replace the nail and dome with a banger and carb cap.
  • If you’re looking for a more accessible bong, try out the 12cm Honeypot BHO Bong. This is a small yet effective accessory for vaping your BHO concentrates. It’s the most affordable model in our collection, ideal if you’re just starting out or if you don’t consume extracts much. This bong comes with a borosilicate nail and dome for using with a blow torch lighter.
  • The 17cm BHO Mini Oiler bong comes with an 18mm borosilicate nail, a dome for vaping BHO, and a bowl that also allows you to smoke flowers or hash extracts. This bong is designed for those that consume a lot of BHO, wax, shatter or rosin extracts and that occasionally like to enjoy cannabis or hash in a bong. It can be used with female connection 19mm bangers.
  • The 420 Drum’n Haze Series Bong is a 20cm tall dab rig made out of 5mm thick borosilicate glass. It has a drum diffusor, borosilicate nail and dome. It also has a bowl designed to smoke cannabis and hash, and its 19mm connection allows you to use it with many different types of bangers.

The Best Accessories for your BHO Bong

We stock some of the best dab rig accessories:

If you have any questions regarding percolators, BHO connections, bangers or anything else in our store, get in touch with our team and we’ll help you out.

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