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Hookahs and Water Pipes


Hookahs and Water Pipes

Water pipes, hookahs, and narghiles are all synonyms, and are reference to the original tools used to smoke solely perfumed tobacco. Many different sources state that this practice has its origins in India, where it then expanded to the west. Nowadays, hookahs are widely used and it’s quite common to see them being used at bars and clubs.

What is a Hookah Pipe?

A hookah or water pipe is a traditional water pipe used to smoke traditional perfumed tobacco designed for these pipes. You can also use them to consume molasses, herbs, hash etc. They’re also used with alcoholic beverages in some places rather than just water, and they also need a lit coal to work.

How Does a Hookah Pipe Work?

These tools are essentially the same as normal water pipes. Hookahs are made up of the following parts:

  • A bowl, where you place the material you plan on smoking, on top of which you place tin foil with holes in it. Then, place a lit coal on top of the tin foil.
  • The ashtray is under the bowl, where the ash falls into.
  • The body is found between the bowl and base, which is where the tube connecting to the water is.
  • The base is usually made out of glass, although there are many more models available nowadays. Here is where you put the water or other liquid, making sure to cover the hole on the inner tube(s).
  • Hookahs have one or two hoses depending on the model, which is where smoke is inhaled.
  • They have a small valve which allows you to remove air from inside the hookah.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Hookah

At La Huerta Grow Shop we stock the best hookahs so you can keep smoking. When it comes to choosing the right one, you’ll need to focus on the following details:

  • Correct smoke circulation.
  • We recommend picking one made out of durable, high quality materials.
  • It’s important to be able to remove the hoses to clean them.
  • Stability.

Hookahs and Water Pipes at La Huerta

At La Huerta you can find some of the best shishas on the market at the best price.

24cm hookahs are ideal for using with hookah essences, weed, tobacco etc. They’re available with one or two hoses. The bowl is ceramic and the base is made of glass, and the hoses can be removed and cleaned; a high quality hookah at quite an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a portable, sturdy shisha that you can take wherever you want, we recommend the Oduman Micro Hookah. It comes with a small carry case so you can easily transport it, and it’s easy to put together and take apart. The base is made of thick, sturdy borosilicate glass and the bowl is made out of food-grade silicone and glass for the best flavour. The hose is 1.5m for maximum comfort. This hookah is easy to clean, all you have to do is lift the lid. Ideal for taking anywhere; the beach, on holidays etc.

What Hookah Accessories Are There?

La Huerta has some of the best accessories for hookahs, such as:

Smokain Stones Hookain smokeable rocks, these are rocks bathed in molasses for hookah use. These rocks do not contain tobacco They can be reused, simply wash them in water and cover them in molasses again. They have six amazing flavours.

  • Code in Love is an exotic flavour that combines bittersweet cactus with peach, vanilla and watermelon.
  • Cotton Candy Cream has a sweet, fruity flavour which combines cotton candy, watermelon, mango and blueberries.
  • Green Crack produces a refreshing lime, lemon and mint flavour.
  • Papaya Mango is a delicious papaya and mango cake combination.
  • Punani is a fruity flavour, with hints of mango, orange and pineapple.
  • White Cake tastes just like cake with cream and cheese.

We also stock mesh covers for your hookah bowls, so you can switch out your old one if it’s too dirty. A good mesh cover stops your mixture from filtering down into the body of the hookah.

We also have wide, small and triple spare bowls, as well as 125 – 120cm spare hookah hoses.

If you’re looking for coal, we stock Natural Taboo Coco Coal, made using coconut shells that were hand picked and washed. This natural coal is perfect and ideal for both beginner and connoisseur hookah smokers.

We also have Cold Smoke’s 1000w heating plate, ideal for lighting your hookah coal easily and quickly. This plate has 5 heat levels and overheating protection.

In order to clean our your hookah you can use a cleaning brush designed to reach each and every corner of your hookah, pipe or bong.

If you have any questions about which bong you should pick or how to use it, make sure to get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

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