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Rolling Trays

Rolling trays

One of the newest types of accessories to go on the market are rolling trays, and in no time at all they’ve become incredibly popular among cannabis growers and smokers.

Benefits of Using Rolling Trays

Even though they are not necessary, rolling trays have become a tool that makes many consumers’ experience much better:

  • They allow you to keep all of your accessories in one place (papers, grinder, filters); nice and organized.
  • They’re especially useful for filling the bowl in your vape.
  • They help you keep the table and ground over where you’re rolling clean.
  • They’re more hygienic than rolling on a table.
  • They allow you to make the most of your fallen cannabis and hash.

This increase in rolling trays means that there’s new models on the market every day, with designs for all needs and preferences. This makes them the ideal gift for cannabis consumers and a collector’s item for many consumers to show off.

What Type of Rolling Trays Does La Huerta Stock?

We stock various different model of rolling trays, including glass and metal rolling trays:

  • Glass rolling trays are made out of high quality, thick tempered glass, made by the renowned paraphernalia manufacturer V Sindicate. This company has locations in Basque Country, US and Canada. These trays are super comfortable to work with and easy to clean. They’re much heftier than other models, made out of durable materials with elegant designs.
  • Metal trays are made using light aluminium, with rounded edges so that you don’t try anything. These trays are ideal for withstanding bumps or accidental drops; they’re lighter than glass models, so you can carry it wherever you go.

What Sized Rolling Tray is Better?

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find the best rolling trays in all shapes and sizes, idea for whatever your particular needs may be. The sizes between trays go from 14 x 18 cm to 16 x 12 cm in smaller sizes, up to 50 x 38 cm.

  • If you already have a box for your smoking accessories, you just need a small tray for rolling your joints.
  • If you’re looking for a tray where you can store all of your accessories, you should get a larger one, such as 27 x 17 cm or 19 x 19cm so you have enough space.
  • The larger trays also allow you to trim buds and catch all of the trimmings and keep the area clean.

The Best Rolling Trays

Check out our store to find a selection of some of the best rolling trays on the market, at the best prices.

Glass Rolling Trays

If you prefer glass rolling trays, you can check out the V Sindicate trays in this section, which high quality designs that stay brand new even if you use them all the time. They come in 16 x 12 cm, enough for rolling cigarettes or joints comfortably. The edges are slightly curved so that you don’t drop anything, and among the available models you can choose from:

  • Stoned Chameleon Glass Rolling tray: this tray has a funny image of a chameleon with red eyes sitting on a cannabis leaf.
  • Hamsa Glass Rolling tray: this tray is designed with the hand of God, but rather than being Maradona with the English team, it’s a protective amulet from the Middle Orient and North Africa.

Metal Trays

These are the most common trays and the preferred kind by growers and consumers, as well as collectors. Here you can find trays that reference specific cannabis strains, characters from beloved animated TV shows, or even trays that come designed with one of your favourite brands to combine with your favorite brand. Some of our most popular models which come in different sizes are:


  • 420 World Rolling Tray: this metal tray portrays the image of some of the most famous videogame characters such as Pokemon, Mario Bros, Sonic, Among Us, Minecraft etc. These small 18 x 14cm trays are ideal for carrying around wherever you need.
  • Similar in size, the Gorilla Glue rolling tray comes with a delightful gorilla smoking a jar of weed on it.
  • If you’re also a fan of pizza, you can try out our Pizza tray, which is the same size as the previous trays.
  • Or the Breaking Bad rolling tray, which is designed with an image of Rock and Morty from the hit TV show, dressed as the characters from breaking bad. These trays are available in 18 x 14 cm and in 29 x 19cm.


RAW Trays

If you’re after a tray designed with the characteristic RAW smoking paper logo, you’ll find various different models in our catalogue, among which the following stand out:

If you have any questions about or rolling trays, get in touch with our store and our team of professionals will be happy to help.

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