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Lighters as we know them nowadays are actually quite a recent invention. They get their name from what was originally used to fire off arms on the front line in wars. It was a simple mechanism, yet effective; the wick is lit with a small spark, and it burns slowly without producing a flame.

Towards the start of the 19th century, matches appeared, and 100 years later the first lighter designed for cigarettes was invented. In 1909, Baron Carl Von Auer Von Welsbach invented the gasoline lighter. The Emblematic Zippo lighter dates back to 1932, and 12 years later the first gas lighter was invented, making quite the impact on the history of lighters.

High Quality, Durable Lighters

In 1970, the Catalonian designer Enric Sardà revolutionized the market with new materials such as plastic, adding a new concept to lighters. They evolved like pens; they went from being a luxury product, made with expensive materials and a status symbol, to being made using plastic and accessible to all consumers. Clipper lighters killed off matches and liquid-gas lighters.

As of now, Clippers are made in China, India and Spain, servicing over 130 countries. Clipper Lighters are rechargeable; when they were originally sold, they cost around 10 modern euro, which meant that they had to be reusable. This turned into quite the pro; you can refill the gas and switch out the flint whenever needed.

Towards the start of the 80s, the automation of a plant in Barcelona and with the opening of more plants, the prices dropped. Nowadays, Clipper offers highly affordable refillable products at quite a competitive price.

Pros of Clipper Lighters

These are the advantages that have made clipper lighters some of the best lighters on the entire market:

  • They’re affordable, as well as durable; the gas, flint and wheel can all be replaced.
  • They’re light and comfy to carry.
  • The wheel can be removed to pack your joints, making these lighters the preferred type for cannabis consumers.
  • They have modern designs, even though they were invented 50 years ago.
  • Unlike matches or liquid-gas lighters, they don’t produce any flavour in your joint, bong or pipe when lit.

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find classic Clipper lighters in different colours and designs.

We also have special Minitube Clipper versions, lighters designed for lighting pipes or bongs without burning your fingers. Minitube clippers are longer, which make them easier to use at an incline.

If you’re a fan of RAW Papers, you can also get your hands on the RAW Clipper lighter, so you can combine both. Available in three versions; black, white and logo.

We also have RAW Minitube clippers, the same as normal minitube clipper lighters but with the RAW logo.

The Best Lighters for Vaping Extracts

If you’re looking for a lighter to heat up you’re your banger or nail, in order to vape BHO or rosin (they need a potent flame) we recommend using the Turbo Micro Torch. This lighter can be refilled and adjusted, it has a blue flame and gets hitter than clippers, and it has a fixed flame option. This is the ideal lighter for these types of extracts. The Turbo Micro Torch is available in four different models:

  • MT15 9cm tall
  • MT50 11cm tall
  • MT80 14cm tall
  • MT810 19cm tall

Lighter Accessories

If you want to increase the lifespan of your lighters, you can find flints for lighters in our catalogue in boxes of 10 units, and refined gas for lighters.

If you tend to lose or forget your lighter, we also have extendible lighter holder so that you can have your lighter hanging from your pants, bag, belt etc. This simple invention allows you to always have your lighter handy when you need it, and it can be used with all types of lighters; Clippers, rectangular lighters, mini models etc.

If you have any questions get in touch with our store and we’ll give you a hand.

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