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Rolling Papers


Rolling Papers

Smoking cannabis with or without tobacco using rolling papers is the most common method of consuming cannabis in Europe. However, rolling papers didn’t appear until the Napoleon troops took over Spain and spread them around the continent.

Rolling Papers: a Mediterranean Invention

The invasion of the American continent brought the custom of smoking tobacco to Europe. Cigarettes, rolled in a tobacco leaf, pipes or others were quite common ways to consume it. Paper was first introduced to Alcoi, Valencia in Spain in 1154, but rolling papers weren’t invented until 1764.

In 1815, a monk from Xátiva, father Jaime Villanueva Estingo, invented what we know today as rolling papers. Manresa, Barcelona and Capellades, alongside Xátiva and Alcoi, turned into the rolling paper capitols until 1864, which is when Narcís Munturiol I Estarriol, after James Bonsack, patented the first cigarette making machines.

If you want to know more about this interesting topic, make sure to visit the rolling paper museum in Capellades (Catalonia). This is definitely a historical site in the history of rolling papers.

What are The Best Rolling Papers

Cannabis growers and consumers tend to prefer rolling papers made without chlorine nor chemicals; these are the least damaging for your health and they also allow you to enjoy purer cannabis flavours.

RAW Paper

RAW was the first brand to introduce chlorine-free papers on the market, with botanically-sourced gum. At La Huerta Grow Shop we stock classic and black RAW ranges. These RAW ranges are made using pure, non-refined rice and linen fibres, with natural sap gum as the glue; both ranges are vegan. The RAW Black papers are higher in quality; they’re the finest rolling papers on the market.

Within their classic range you can find both 1 ¼ and King Size Slim papers, as well as King Size papers from their RAW Black range.

If you prefer to fill pre-rolled cones, Raw also has Classic Raw Cones available in different sizes and amounts, designed to cover all needs; from 3 – 6 packs, to 800, 900 and 1000 cones.

If you need a little help rolling, the Raw Six shooter is designed to fill 1, 2, 3 and up to 6 pre-rolled King Size cones at once.

And of course, we have to mention Raw Giant Supernatural 12 inch papers, which measure 28 x 4.4 cm. These papers are ideal for parties or social outings, and each pack contains 20 papers.

Natur Papers

Smoking papers made by Natur Papers are the healthiest papers on the market, made naturally, without any sort of toxic substances. Tests situate these papers at the very top, and these are the papers that most of us here at La Huerta Grow Shop use every day. Natur Papers are available in two sizes:

Mountainhigh Cones

This manufacturer essentially invented pre-rolled cones, and they’re the leading manufacturer when it comes to cones. We stock their Bulk Brown cones, made out of natural hemp paper without any whitening substances (in boxes of 1000), and their largest model, 28cm Giga Cones, which can hold up to 5.12 grams of cannabis or the equivalent of 10 cigarettes.


Smoking cannabis via blunts is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis in the US. In America, they don’t usually mis tobacco with their cannabis, although blunts are becoming a more common way to consume cannabis due to rap culture. Their name comes from the first versions; when people started putting cannabis into cigar papers, Phillies Blunts was the most-used brands. We stock high quality hemp blunts:

  • Juicy Hemp Wrap Blunts: blunt leaves made out of hemp, 100% tobacco free, in different flavours such as blueberries, grapes, tropical fruits, mango/papaya and natural.
  • King Blunt: blunt leaves made by Aleda, using aromatized hemp with flavour essences such as chocolate, passion fruit, watermelon, grape and vanilla. These papers are vegan.
  • Made by Cyclones, entirely out of hemp, Herbies Mean Green Hemp Cones Blunt are natural cannabis flavoured blunts.
  • White Cones Blunt: these blunts taste like white chocolate.
  • Hemp Sugar Cane Xtra Slo: these blunts taste exactly like sugar cane, and they burn slower because they’re double-wrapped.

We also stock Clear Cyclones, pre-rolled cones made out of see-through cellulose with a cardboard roach, ready to fill and smoke. Clear Clycones come in different flavours; Peach, Rock Star (Cola) and Strawberry. Cellulose paper is see-through and looks like plastic, but it’s 100% cellulose, no chemicals nor additives and it doesn’t alter flavours.

We also have various cones made using cordia leaves with no additives. Pre-rolled King Palm Slim cones are hand-made and can hold up to 1.25g.

Limited Edition Rolling Papers

Of course, we also stock plenty of limited edition papers; in commemoration with La Huerta Grow Shop's 20th anniversary and Eva Seeds seed bank 15th anniversary.

If you have any questions about papers, cones and blunts in our catalogue, get in touch with our team and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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