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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients fertilizers

Advanced Nutrients can be tracked back to 1996 when Mike Straumeitis “Big Mike” founded Canadian Soiless Ltd. With two colleagues, a company that manufactures supplies for hydroponic grows.

Experience as both a grower and businessman helped mark the path towards producing nutrients specifically designed for indoor cannabis growing.

After a few years of studying and developing ideas alongside a team of five researchers, he presented his cannabis fertilizer brand under the name of Advanced Nutrients.

This brand started out in 1999 near Vancouver in British Colombia, although as of now they’re based in California.

Advanced Nutrients Market Leader

Advanced Nutrients is a specialized fertilizer brand designed for cannabis plants, and they’re currently leading the market in sales. Their products are sold in 107 countries and have appeared in many TV shows, posts and news channels.

They’re currently expanding to the European market, and they’ve opened a large warehouse in Barcelona. From there, they distribute products and should begin manufacturing soon.

Advanced Nutrients’ Philosophy

How has this brand managed such worldwide success? Here are a few reasons:

  • Their products contain patented, high quality combinations of macro and microelements, amino acids, plant hormones, vitamins, growth adjusters etc. They produce additives and fertilizers with some of the highest amount of organic material on the market.
  • Advanced Nutrients offers various different fertilizer ranges depending on the needs and expectations of each grower and growing type.
  • Their products are constantly being updated to keep growers in the loop.
  • Advanced Nutrients is a brand that offers a lot of information regarding contents and how to use their products correctly.
  • Unlike other brands, right from the beginning Advanced Nutrients has made it clear that their products are designed for cannabis plants.

What is Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect?

Cannabis plants can only absorb nutrients when their given in water with the right pH (acidity) levels.

pH Perfect is a type of technology devised by Advanced Nutrients that stabilized pH to perfect levels in order to correctly grow your plants.

Fertilizers by this brand such as Sensi, Sensi Coco, Connoisseur, Micro Grow and Micro Bloom are pH Perfect products.

With pH Perfect technology, pH is automatically stabilized within the desired range. You don’t need to adjust it.

This makes cannabis growers’ life much easier – if you choose pH Perfect products by Advanced Nutrients you can forget measuring pH levels, calibrating your meter and adjusting solutions using pH liquids. pH Perfect can reduce pH from 8.7 to 5.5 and increase it from 4.5 to 5.5 in seconds – it’s that easy!

Plus, pH Perfect products combine 5 different elements that used to be sold separately:

  • Wet Betty, a non-ionic surfactant that reduces water tensions so your plants can easily absorb nutrients.
  • F1: Fulvic acid.
  • H2: Humic acid.
  • 20 L-aminoacids
  • Complete base fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers for Bio Cannabis Grows

When it comes to growing bio cannabis plants, Advanced Nutrients has their own high quality nutrient range.

Base fertilizers

Iguana Grow and Bloom are two of the bio fertilizers with the most organic material on the market.

Additives and Nutrients for Complete Nutrition

  • Ancient Earth: this additive contains humic and fulvic acids. It reduces pH variations, increases nutrient absorption and accelerates plant growth.
  • Mother Earth Super Tea: this is a compost tea contains at least 80 organic substances. It also contains beneficial alfalfa extract which increases enzyme and hormone activity in your plants.
  • Bud Candy: this carb additive gives your plants energy so they can flower successfully.
  • Big Bud: this gives your plants phosphorus and potassium in order to increase bud size and mass.

Advanced Nutrients Products for Amazing Results

Advanced Nutrients bio-mineral fertilizers can help you to obtain larger harvests with more aroma and flavour. If you prefer to grow cannabis using biomineral fertilizers, check out Advanced Nutrients’ following ranges:

  • Sensi Grow A and B, Sensi Bloom A and B: two component base fertilizers for growth and flowering. They’re easy to use and make for amazing results. These are their most basic range. They also contain pH perfect technology which, as we were saying, automatically adjust the pH in your water to the right level.
  • Sensi Coco Grow A and B and Sensi Coco Bloom A and B: these products are specifically designed for growing coco coir. It has pH Perfect technology. Advanced Nutrients has added more calcium and magnesium, as well as iron, which is necessary in coco coir substrates. Forget about any deficiencies and pH meters when growing using Sensi Coco.
  • Connoisseur A and B Grow, Connoisseur A and B Bloom: these base fertilizers are their star players. They contain pH Perfect technology and are highly recommended growers with experience using Advanced Nutrients looking to go a step further.
  • Grow, Micro and Bloom: the improved version with pH perfect technology of their classic three-part fertilizer set for your plants’ entire life cycle.
  • Jungle Juice Grow Micro and Bloom: for hydroponic, aeroponic and NFT grows.

How to Choose Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers

Advanced Nutrients has a wide range of stimulants and additives designed to give your plants exactly what they need at all times. This makes for highly diverse products designed to be used together; nutrients are divided among various products, and you’re in charge of mixing them in the correct proportions for your plants.

On one hand, this allows you to give your plants a super controlled feeding schedule, and on the other hand if you’re not experienced it may seem a bit complicated.

In order to make growing with Advanced Nutrients more accessible, AN has divided them into different levels; each level adds on the fertilizers from the previous level.

Beginners: for growers just starting out

  • Voodoo Juice: this gives your plants beneficial bacteria which stimulates plant growth and nutrient absorption.
  • Big Bud: a bio-mineral, phosphorus and potassium additive for bud fattening.
  • B-52: a vitamin supplement.
  • Overdrive: a booster for the end of the flowering period.

Experts: for those that know what they’re going

All beginner-level nutrients plus…

  • Piranha: mycorrhizae and Trichoderma.
  • Bud Candy: a carb boost designed to produce energy in the flowering period.
  • Flawless Finish: this bud finalizer is used to get rid of leftover minerals in the substrate so your plants can use up their stored nutrients.

Professional: for veterans looking to go a step further

The previous two levels plus…

  • Tarantula: beneficial bacteria for substrates.
  • Nirvana: contains humic and fulvic acids, proteins, alfalfa meal rich in triacontanol which increases enzyme and hormone activity in your plants. Nirvana makes for larger plants, increasing the amount of buds and branches, making for more mature plants.
  • Sensizym: this enzymatic additive turns dead roots into nutrients.

Grand Master: for those in search of perfection

Combine all products from the previous levels, plus…

  • Bud Ignitor: flowering stimulant for abundant flowering along all branches.
  • Rhino Skin: silicon-based additive, useful for hydroponic grows.
  • Bud Factor X: used to increase resin and terpene content in flowers.

If you have any questions regarding how to use Advanced Nutrients’ products, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of experts, we’re happy to help!

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