Fertilizers composition

Fertilizers or nutrients and additives are necessary for growing successful cannabis plants.

There are products that give your plants the necessary nutrients for correct growth in each plant phase.

Fertilizers for cannabis

The nutrients that you give your plants will massively determine the quantity and quality of your yield.

Cannabis plants can survive in highly adverse climates and conditions, although they also consume quite a lot of nutrients, so if you give them what they need at all times you’ll get much better results.

How to Choose the Right Nutrients for your Plants

Each product has its own pros and cons, so depending on this you’ll know which is best for your particular needs.

Apart from classifying products according to their brand or designated use, you can also classify them by the ingredients they contain.

Types of Fertilizers According to Composition

Fertilizers and products designed for growing cannabis are mainly classified by the origin of their nutrients and ingredients.

There are three main classes:

  • Bio: also known as organic fertilizers.
  • Mineral: also known as chemical fertilizers.
  • Bio-mineral: this is a mixture of both previous types.

Organic fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers and Additives

Organic or bio nutrients and fertilizers contain algae, vegetable extracts, guano and many other natural and organic ingredients.

If you feed your plants with high quality bio fertilizers you’re guaranteed high quality and high yielding plants that produce intense aromas all around.

Pros of Using Organic Fertilizers

  • They’re much easier to use and aren’t as fast as over-fertilizing as mineral fertilizers.
  • It’s much easier to flush your plants’ roots, and you may not even need to flush them out at the end if you stop using fertilizers for a few days.
  • Large harvests, plus much more intense aromas and flavours; organic nutrients are capable of increasing natural plant aromas.
  • They create beneficial life in substrates, which can help plants to grow stronger.

Cons of Using Organic Fertilizers and Additives

  • They have a sell-by-date due to being organic in origin.
  • Your plants will absorb nutrients slower than those given mineral or bio-mineral products.

What Organic Fertilizer Brands Can you Find at La Huerta Grow Shop

We work with many different brands, from large brands that offer organic products such as Canna, Biobizz, Plagron, BAC, Advanced Nutrients, Top Crop and Bio Tabs, among others. We also have other popular brands such as Botanicare and Emerald Harvest.

Mineral Fertilizers and Additives

Fertilizers and mineral additives are usually made using industrial means, or their ingredients come from synthetic minerals or elements.

These products are generally cheaper and easier for your plants to absorb.

Pros of Using Mineral Fertilizers

  • Plants absorb them quite rapidly, making for a much faster effect.
  • Designed to produce large yields due to their high concentration in nutrients.
  • More affordable than organic products, as they’re cheaper to make.

Cons of Using Mineral Fertilizers

  • Due to their high concentration of nutrients and how easily absorbed they are, it’s much easier to over-fertilize your plants accidentally than with organic nutrients.
  • When your plants are almost fully mature, they tend to contain more nutrients than needed, so you’ll need to wash out their roots and even use specific cleaners during the process. Excess nutrients when harvesting can cause bad flavours as well as less healthy flowers in general.

*We highly recommend using enzymes when using these products in order to avoid accidental over-fertilization.

What Mineral Fertilizer Brands Can You Find at La Huerta Grow Shop?

We work with some of the most reputable brands in the sector that have spent years creating and manufacturing some of the best mineral products on the market.

Some of our best brands are, apart from the previously mentioned Canna and Advanced Nutrients, Atami, Aptus, Hesi, Grotek and Green House Power Feeding, among others.

How to fertilize marihuana

Bio-Mineral Fertilizers and Additives

Bio-mineral fertilizers and additives come from combining organic and inorganic nutrients and materials via the mixing process or chemical treating.

This type of plant nutrition is a great choice for those looking to get decent yields without missing out on aromas or flavours due to too many nutrients.

These products tend to be highly concentrated, so you’ll need to use low doses. You’ll also need to wash out the roots properly in order to get rid of unwanted residues that may alter the flavour of your cannabis. You can use cleaners to make this process easier.

Pros of Using Bio-Mineral Products

  • Highly concentrated products; very small amounts of product are needed.
  • Thanks to their organic base it’s much harder to accidentally over-fertilize your plants than with mineral products
  • Yields can be quite high with these types of nutrients, allowing you to conserve aromas too thanks to their composition.

Cons of Using Bio-Mineral Products

You’re going to need to flush out your plants roots pretty intensely when they come to the end of the flowering period in order to get rid of any leftover nutrients and minerals in your plants and their roots.

What Bio-Mineral Fertilizers Can You Find at La Huerta Grow Shop

We offer some of the best brands that offer the best results!

Some of our customers’ favourite brands include Bio Nova and Cannabiogen.

Fertilizers for cannabis

Fertilizer and Additive Packs

Are you looking for full nutrition for your plants? Do you want the best results in your grow?

We’ve gone through the pros and cons of all types of products, and if you’re interested in saving money check out our La Huerta Grow Shop fertilizer packs and nutritional additives, guaranteeing amazing yields and results!

If you have any questions, check out our post on how to fertilize cannabis plants.

If you have any questions regarding which type of nutrition you should be giving your plants, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll help you to find the best option!

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