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Mineral Fertilizers

What are Mineral Fertilizers for Cannabis?

Fertilizers, depending on their origin, can be divided into bio, bio-mineral and mineral products.

Mineral fertilizers and additives, also known as chemical, are those that contain non-organic nutrients that provide your plants with everything they need to grow.

Mineral Cannabis Fertilizer Benefits

  • Fast nutrient absorption: these nutrients are easily absorbed by cannabis plants. Unlike organic nutrients, they don’t need to be modified by organisms in the substrate first.
  • Fast visible results: this is a consequence of fast absorption, which means that your plants will also grow much faster than with organic nutrients.
  • Created to achieve maximum yields.
  • Mineral fertilizers and additives tend to be more affordable and come in higher concentrations than other types.
  • Easier to use: you’ll need to keep in mind that it’s also easier to accidentally overfertilize when using mineral products.
  • Can be stored for longer than organic additives and fertilizers, as they take longer to degrade.

On the other hand, before harvesting you’re going to need to clean the roots and substrate of any leftover salts and nutrients, We also recommend using a finishing product to avoid chemicals affecting the flavour of your cannabis.

What Mineral Fertilizers and Additives Can I Use?

There are various types of mineral fertilizers used to cover your cannabis plants needs’. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Base Fertilizers

All chemical fertilizer ranges contain base nutrients, which contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) as well as micronutrients designed for the growth and bloom stages. Have a look through our catalogue, we stock fertilizers for soil substrates, coco coir substrates and for use in hydroponic grows.

Additives and Stimulants

All brands combine chemical based fertilizers with chemical and organic additives and stimulants. Most ranges contain:

  • Root stimulant.
  • PK fertilizer, which contains potassium and phosphorus for flowering plants.
  • Flowering stimulant, used to increase and improve flowering.
  • Enzymes for turning your plants’ dead roots into nutrients while keeping the substrate active. Absolutely necessary if you use chemical fertilizers.
  • A cleaner or finishing product so that you don’t end up losing any natural cannabis flavours. This gets rid of any excess salts and nutrients in your plants’ substrate, allowing it to finish consuming its leaf reserves, which affect the final flavour.

What are The Best Mineral Nutrients for Growing Cannabis

Our catalogue contains all types of mineral fertilizers and additives manufactured by the best brands for each growing stage. For example, you can try out these mineral fertilizers:


The Dutch manufacturer Canna has various base fertilizers of chemical origin for soil, coco coir and hydroponic growing media.

For soil: Terra Vega for growth, Terra Flores for bloom.

For coco:

  • Canna Coco A and B: a complete two component fertilizer designed for cannabis plants’ entire life cycle when grown in coco coir.
  • Canna COGr Vega for the growth period and Canna COGr Flores for the flowering period – designed for plants grown in COGr coco slabs.

For hydroponics: Hydro Vega is designed for the growth period, and Hydro Flores is designed for the bloom period.

Additives and Stimulants for substrates:


Hesi, a company founded by Henk Ijpelaar and Siglinde Winkler in the Netherlands, is known for their high quality chemical fertilizers.

Additives and Stimulants for all Substrates:

  • Hesi Root Complex is used to stimulate roots.
  • Hesi PK is used during the flowering phase.
  • Boost: this is an organic flowering accelerator that contains carbohydrates.
  • Super Vit: gives your plants 15 vitamins and 10 active amino-acids.
  • Hesi Power Zyme: enzymes made using Trichoderma extract in order to degrade dead roots and turn them into nutrients.

Terra Aquatica:

Tripart by Terra Aquatica combines a mineral base with bio stimulants and additives. Tripart is ideal for using in soil, coco coir and hydroponic grows. This fertilizer is designed for the entire growing process and comes in three parts, Grow Bloom and Micro, which need to be used together until two weeks before harvesting, which is when you should stop feeding and start cleaning the substrate out using FloraKleen.

  • Root Booster or Pro Roots: two organic stimulants. Pro Roots is highly concentrated and ideal for large grows.
  • Seaweed: algae extracts for an explosive flowering stage.
  • Bloom Booster or Pro Bloom: organic flowering stimulant.
  • Fulvic: fulvic acids.
  • Trikologic or Trikologic S: microbial life for substrate. Trichologic S contains Trichoderma that protect your plants from soil pathogens and fungi while increasing nutrient absorption.
  • Final Part: give your plants one last boost during the flowering period, cleaning it out in order to guarantee the best natural cannabis flavours.
  • FlashClean: cleans substrates of salt and minerals.

You can also check out Bio Nova, Atami, Plagron and Grotek’s mineral fertilizer ranges.

If you have any questions or are unsure which nutrient range to choose, at La Huerta Grow Shop you have an entire team of experts ready and willing to help!

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