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Growing cannabis implies keeping an eye on many different parameters, especially if you’re growing cannabis indoors. In order to create the ideal climate for your plants, you need to control the temperature, humidity and lighting while keeping in mind that all plants (both indoors and outdoors) need quality water and regular feedings.


Timers are some of the most basic tools in any indoor grow, and they’re incredibly easy to set up and use. These devices make growing chores much easier, allowing you to automatically control lighting, ventilation and even Co2 systems.

The most common use given to indoor timers is usually for lighting systems; photoperiodic cannabis plants require at least 18h light and 6h darkness during the growth period, which should be flipped to 12/12h when flowering. The timing on this needs to be super exact so that you don’t stress your plants out; the best way to do this is by using a timer.

Timers are in charge of turning the lights on and off, as well as other devices, and the most basic models come in analogue and digital format with one plug…

  • Analogue timer: these models can be programmed in intervals of 15 minutes and can take up to 2500w.
  • Digital timer: with these digital timers you can program intervals of up to one minute, dealing with up to 3500w.

Box Timers

If you need a little extra help, you can always check out box timers, available in different sizes. These boxes are designed for those who have large grows and more than just one lighting system. Some of them come with outlet for heaters, keeping your grow room at the right temperature once the lights go out. These are the options available in our catalogue:


One of the biggest benefits of indoor growing versus outdoor growing is that you can create the ideal climate for your plants, whereas outdoor grows are in a constantly changing environment that can’t be controlled. Indoor grows can benefit from various types of controllers which allow for high quality results.

Temperature and Humidity

Some of the most basic yet most useful controllers are temperature and humidity controllers, which can detect changes in temperature and humidity in your grow room, adjusting these parameters as necessary without you needing to be anywhere near the grow room.

Cornwall’s humidity and temp controllers are ideal, although there are larger, more professional models which are capable of controlling many parameters at once. For example, the Fan Controller, which controls humidity, temperature and fans, as well as adjusting negative pressure in your grow room in order to keep odours in; a small benefit that’s super helpful for growers looking for maximum discretion.

Automatic Watering

Some growers prefer to set up automatic watering systems designed to save time when it comes to mixing nutrients and watering each plant. This type of system is especially useful in large grows.

There are different types of automatic watering systems, such as dripping systems set in specific intervals. This can be done using a DIN-2A watering timer, available with light sensors, acting as a pump irrigation controller.

Wassertech digital programmers, also available in analogue format, are ideal for outdoor setups with automatic watering and sprinklers; they can be programmed up to 8 times a day in 15 different combinations.

For an even more practical system, you can check out our automatic 10 plant watering system, which works using batteries and allows you to program the duration and frequency of watering. Plus, it comes with a pump and 10 meters of hosing to make installation even easier.

pH Controllers

If you need to maintain balanced, stable pH levels in your grow, for example in hydroponic grows, we recommend using the pH Meter and Controller with Sensor; it’s attached to pH- liquid, and once the sensor detects an increase in pH levels, the liquid is dosed out via a small pump until it’s correct.

If you want to automate your grow set up even more and make sure that nothing goes wrong, you can also acquire an automatic fire extinguisher that activates if the temperatures rise above 68°C, which can help to avoid serious issues.

If you have any questions regarding how to automate your cannabis grow in the most effective and efficient way, get in touch with our team and we’ll help you to solve any issues; if you’re looking for professional advice, come to La Huerta Grow Shop!

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