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Nurseries and Propagators


Nurseries and Propagators

Cannabis plants naturally reproduce via seeds, and you can also use cuttings to make the perfect clone of your favourite strain. During the germination period and the days following, as well as during the clone rooting stage, your plant is in its weakest moment and they need much more care during this period. Part of this care involves the container they’re in and the climate it generates.

The Best Containers for Clones and Seedlings

Plants have different needs when germinated from seeds or rooted from clones.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

During the germination period, plants go from their latent seed state to being a seedling. During this stage, your plants need:

  • Humidity: this pushes your seed to germinate, softening their shell and allowing the root to emerge. During this process they need moist substrate (not soaked) and a relative humidity of around 70 – 80% when the seedling hasn’t sprouted yet, and 60-70% once it begins to sprout.
  • Heat: you need to keep a stable temperature over 20°C in order to germinate successfully, with a limit of 30°C with an ideal temperature between 22 and 26°C.
  • Darkness: seedlings naturally look for light, however their roots are always under the soil. As soon as the root begins to show itself, seeds need darkness to germinate correctly.
  • Oxygen: roots also need an aired-out substrate to grow out fast and healthy.

What Conditions do Clones Need?

  • Humidity: clones also need moist substrate, without soaking. In as far as relative humidity, they need slightly higher levels. Clones are technically the same age as the mother plant, which means they’re mature plants that don’t yet have roots, so they need higher humidity in order to feed through their leaves until they grow out their roots. In this case, humidity should be at about 80 – 90%.
  • Temperature and oxygen parameters are similar to those needed for germinating seeds.
  • Clones need soft light after being taken and planted up until they grow roots. They only need absolute darkness along the part that’s buried in soil/substrate.

The Best Clone and Seedling Trays

Trays allow you to quickly and easily plant your seeds and clones. They’re the professional option for those that need to plant many different seeds or clones. Trays come with little slots that you can fill with soil as well as jiffy or rockwool plugs, which are super easy to handle. Check out our catalogue if you’re looking for pre-filled trays that come ready to use.

Jiffys are made out of pressed peat in a biodegradable net; when hydrated, they expand and become cylindrical in shape. The seed or clone is placed in the jiffy, with contains rooting hormones.

Trays also make it easier to handle and identify your seeds and clones.

  • Rockwool is the preferred substrate for hydroponic growers when rooting their clones. Rockwool trays allow you to root 150 clones in 25mm rockwool plugs or 77 clones in 35mm plugs, depending on the model.
  • The Jiffy clone tray is highly practical, as it can be cut out and adapted to smaller propagators and containers. These trays are 31.5 cm x 52.5 cm in size, and they’re available in the following formats: for 104 clones or seeds in 24mm plugs; 84 clones or seeds in 33mm plugs; 60 clones for 41mm plugs.
  • The Plugin Pro Plug 104 Slots: this tray comes ready to use, including moistened jiffy plugs with the right pH in order to root clones or germinate seeds.
  • The Pro Germinator allows you to germinate up to 40 cannabis seeds easily. All you have to do is open up the Petri dich, add the water and seeds. It comes with a thermometer so that you can place it in an area with the ideal temperature to guarantee germination.

The Best Propagators for Rooting Clones and Germinating Seeds

Greenhouses allow you to maintain the ideal humidity and temperature levels for your clones and seedlings. The models in our catalogue come with two little windows you can open in order to adjust humidity levels.

For rooting clones we recommend the following steps:

  1. Leave the greenhouse closed during the first week.
  2. Open and close the ventilation holes during the second week a few times a day.

In order to germinate seeds, we recommend opening the propagator once the seedlings begin to pop up out of the substrate.

Out catalogue has various propagators on offer so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • Soft plastic propagator: this is the largest model, 58 x 37 x 23 cm. A high quality, affordable propagator.
  • Plastic propagator: available in two sizes (38 x 4 x 19cm and 56 x 31 x 22 cm.
  • Propagator with heater: this Neptune Hydroponics device has a 12w heater along the bottom used to keep the temperature stable during the colder months. 38 x 24 x 19 cm.
  • If you need to increase the temperature for your clones or your seeds, you can also use heat cables, available in 15w, 3.3m long, and 25w, 4.3m long.

If you have any questions regarding our nurseries and propagators for your cannabis clones or seedlings, get in touch with the team of professionals here at La Huerta Grow Shop.

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