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Other Garden Accessories


Other Garden Accessories

It’s never too late to improve your cannabis grow set up, and even small improvements can lead to a considerable increase in both quality and quantity. In this section you can find all of the accessories you didn’t know you needed; from super sturdy pulleys for indoor grows to green lamps designed to allow you to work with your plants at night without stressing them out.

Necessary Accessories

There are certain growing tools that can make certain chores easier and faster, such as plastic pipettes. These small accessories can save you quite a lot of time when it comes to fertilizing your plants. They come in 2 and 5 ml, and they’re ideal for applying doses of highly concentrated fertilizers that only require a few millimetres per litre of water.

When it comes to indoor growing, you can make the most of reflective plastic sheeting like Diamond Reflective Sheeting, which distributes balanced light, is 100% opaque and can also help to get rid of pockets of hot air in your grow room. Anti-detection Reflective Sheeting goes one step further thanks to its high-quality coverage; it’s opaque and also hides grow rooms from infrared cameras, making for maximum discretion.

Aluminium ducting is another necessary accessory for indoor grows, as you’ll need connective ducting for your ventilation system. They come in different sizes to fit different extractor and fan models, and we also stock Sonnoconnect noise-reducing ducting, which are ideal for those looking to reduce the noise produced by their ventilation system. We also have plastic reducers available in different sizes so you can easily set up your grow room’s ducting.

Other Accessories

There are certain tools that, while they may not be necessary to achieve successful results, they can definitely make chores much easier and more efficient, which usually leads to an increase in quality.

Break Pulleys can be super handy when it comes to adjusting your indoor lighting height without needing to do much. These pulleys are ideal for those growing photoperiodic seeds indoors, allowing them to raise their lighting system slowly as their plants grow. You can also use them to hold up anti-odour filters and other hefty devices in your grow room; each pulley can hold up to 34 kg.

If you need to increase the temperature in your grow room in order to maintain stable parameters, you can use a small greenhouse heater, which comes with a thermostat that turns off automatically once the right temperature has been reached. If you need a bit more than that, we also have 2000w industrial heaters, which also turn off automatically once the temperature has stabilized; ideal for indoor grows done over the winter.

If you don’t have much time to do chores around your plants and you have to do it at nighttime when the lights are out, you can use Green LED lanterns. This type of light allows you to tend to your plants without needing to turn on a more powerful light that may end up altering their day and night cycle.

Plus, we also have other accessories such as airtight baggies for your harvest, anti-insect nets for your ventilation inlets, tags for your plants or clones, cables, plugs and much more.

If you want to know more about our growing accessories or you're looking for a particular part or piece, get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll help you out.

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