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Cannabis plants can be used for taking clones and multiplied. This can be done with many other types of plants and herbs such as basil, and thanks to this we’ve been able to select and create feminized strains quite quickly.

Making clones and maintaining mother plants is a great way to conserve special strains.

An absolutely necessary tool when it comes to taking cuttings is a decent propagator; let’s have a look at everything you should know about propagators for clones.

What are Clone Propagators?

Propagators for clones, also known as mini greenhouses, make it much easier for you to maintain the correct temperature and humidity for your clones to successfully root. They’re essentially a tray with a see-through lid. The lid has small windows which allow you to adjust humidity.

Why do You Need a Propagator for Clones?

Clones or cuttings don’t have any roots, and they need quite a lot of humidity and moisture to survive until they can grow properly. Propagators allow you to maintain stable conditions for a certain group of plants without altering the others. These accessories are affordable and durable.

Over time, transparent plastic loses quality, especially outdoors, and you’ll need to change them. If this is the case, you can keep the tray for moving and easily handling your clones. Propagators are also used for germinating seeds, although keep in mind that seedlings don’t need as much moisture as clones do.

Best Propagators for Clones

  • Soft Plastic Propagator: this is the largest model in our catalogue, measuring 58 x 37 x 23 cm. It has two windows on the lid, and it’s ideal for rooting clones and germinating seeds. It’s incredibly affordable and is of great quality considering the price.
  • Plastic Propagator: these models are made using hard plastic, available in two sizes: 38 x 24 x 19 cm and 56 x 31 x 22 cm. This model also has two windows on the top, and is more durable.
  • Propagator with Heater: if you plan on rooting clones during winder, we recommend Neptune Hydroponics’ heated propagator. It has a 12w heater along the bottom and two windows on the top, allowing you to adjust the temperature and humidity inside. It comes in 38 x 24 x 19 cm.

Follow these steps to successfully root clones:

  1. Close the propagator for the first week.
  2. Open the windows a few times a way to ventilate during the second week.

Trays for Clone Propagators

Clone trays come in sizes that adapt to large propagators such as soft plastic propagators. Jiffy clone trays can be cut to size to fit in smaller propagators.

How can I Heat my Propagator During Winter

Heat cables allow you to maintain a stable temperature in your propagator, allowing for optimal root growth. Available in:

  • 15w, 3.3m long.
  • 25w, 4.3m long.

Have a look at our nursery and propagator section to find all necessary tools and accessories for your propagators.

At La Huerta Grow Shop also has hydroponic systems that allow you to root many clones at once such as Cutting Board, which can fit 27 plants, and Rainforest, which can fit up to 72 plants.

If you have any questions make sure to get in touch with our team of experts at La Huerta Grow Shop.

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