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Growing trays

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find different types of trays in different sizes, allowing you to easily find the right one for your indoor or outdoor cannabis grow.

The Best Trays for Growing Cannabis

Trays are incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping your grow tent clean and flood-free. They’re absolutely necessary; water combined with corrosive nutrients can actually damage the ground in your grow room.

In indoor grows, when watering your plants, they have to have somewhere to drain out any leftover water under the flowerpot. Without a tray, this water ends up all over your floor, which can be a great place for fungi and other pathogens to hide.

Let’s have a look at the different type of trays for cannabis:

Watertight Plastic Tray

One of the most used types of trays are watertight plastic trays, which are incredibly sturdy. These trays are watertight meaning that you’ll need to remove any water with a towel or by using plates under your flowerpot which you should empty once they’ve fully drained.

These are the most affordable tray models, available in various sizes for all needs:

  • 54 cm x 39 cm x 9 cm tall
  • 79 cm x 40 cm x 5.50 cm tall
  • 60 cm x 60 cm x 7 cm tall
  • 80 cm x 80 cm x 12.5 cm tall
  • 100 cm  x 100 cm x 14 cm tall
  • 120 cm x 120 cm x 14 cm tall

Grow Trays

Grow trays are without a doubt the most comfortable trays when it comes to growing cannabis; they have outlets in order to drain water, and they can be used as growing tables too.

If you place them at a slight incline, all of the water that drains from your plants will run out of the drain. At La Huerta Grow Shop you can also find the necessary tools used to set up a draining system or for setting up a hydroponic system with or without a recirculating watering system. Grow trays are also perfect for using with coco coir slabs or rock wool; you can use the drain outlet to turn them into slab trays. Sizes:

  • 33 cm x 100 cm
  • 63 cm x 110 cm
  • 100 cm x 110 cm

Flexible Grow Tray

Flexible grow trays can be rolled up if you need to move them or store them and take up much less space. They’re ideal for using on balconies so that you don’t accidentally flood your neighbours. Once the season is over you can store them for next year.

They’re also super useful indoors, as they come in standard grow tent sizes.

Available sizes:

  • 80 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm tall
  • 100 cm x 100 cm x 10 cm tall
  • 120 cm x 120 cm x 10 cm tall

Slab Trays

With these slab trays you can use coco coir or rock wool slabs. You can also use them with 1.65 – 5L flowerpots with expanded clay in hydroponic grows, or with soil in normal grows. It comes with two elbow joints for the drain. Slab trays are 100 x 15 x 7.5 cm tall.

Slabs are used to plant cannabis without needing to use a flowerpot. They’re easy to use:

  1. Place the slab in its tray.
  2. Make a cut along the top of the slab where you’ll place the plant.
  3. Stick the drippers into the slab; any drainage will come out of the drain elbows.

You can set up an open hydroponic system using coco coir slabs or a circulating system using rock wool. You shouldn’t use coco coir for circulating nutrients, as it can block the pipes in your watering system.

Trays for Cuttings and Seedlings

If you want to grow a few clones, around 10, for example, all you need are small flowerpots, some jiffys or rockwool cubes. If you want to grow more you’re better off using a clone tray designed specifically for this purpose.

Clone trays allow you to easily identify your clones by strain, and comfortably place them under lights and move them around all at once. Check out our catalogue, which includes:

  • Plugin Pro Plug Tray with 104 slots: this tray comes ready to use with the necessary plugs, which have been pre-fertilized with the right pH levels for guarantee fast germination or rooting and a great start. These trays come wrapped in plastic for preservation purposes.
  • Rockwool tray: available with 150 slots for 25mm rockwool plugs and 77 slots for 35mm rockwool plugs.
  • Jiffy Clone Tray: these trays can be cut and adapted to the size of your propagator. All trays come in the same size: 31.5 x 52.5 cm, with different numbers of slots and different sized jiffy plugs. Available in 104 slots for 24mm plugs, 84 slots for 33mm plugs and 60 slots for 41mm plugs.

Tray accessories

In la Huerta Grow Shop’s catalogue you’ll also notice various accessories for grow trays such as:

  • Grow tray grids: these are placed over drains to stop clogging.
  • Tray corner piece: used to repair damaged tray corners.
  • Tray siphon: used in hydroponic water circulation systems.
  • Drain kit: this tray comes with everything you need to set up a drain in your grow tray.

We also have drain reducers and 32mm stoppers for grow trays.

If you have any questions regarding grow trays and how to use them, make sure to check in with the team of experts at La Huerta Grow Shop.

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