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Pumps and Air Stones


Pumps and Air Stones

Air Pumps and Airstones

Air pumps are absolutely necessary if you’re growing using a hydroponic or aeroponic system; they’re in charge of giving your water oxygen, which is then given to your plants’ roots. Oxygenating your plants’ nutritional solution, as well as being necessary in hydroponic grows and in soil grows that use automatic systems, it can also be quite useful in all types of grows. In this section you’ll discover a wide range of water pumps and air stones for your water tank.

Oxygenating Nutrient Solutions

Cannabis roots need a certain combination of water and oxygen in order to grow correctly. Plus, high amounts of oxygen in water also allow microbial life in your plants’ substrate to develop.

In order to use water pumps efficiently in your grow, you should connect them to an air stone that’s then placed inside the water tank. Air Stones are designed to release oxygen in little bubbles, which increases the oxygen content in your water as it becomes trapped there, helping to distribute nutrients and avoiding any nutrient build up in your water tank.

Atman CR-30 Water Tank

The Atman CR-30 Air Pump has two outlets and can be used with 200 – 300L tanks, increasing oxygen levels. This machine is quite silent thanks to its rubber base, which reduces vibrations and the noise produce; this is handy if you need extra discretion in your grow rooms.

Atman’s pumps are designed to have a long-lasting lifespan and high performance. They’re ideal for using alongside an air stone for the best possible results.

How do Air Stones Work?

Air stones are incredibly important if you want to increase the amount of oxygen in your nutrient solution. If you have a water tank in your grow room, you should definitely have one of these devices; they help to increase the oxygen in the tank by releasing small bubbles of air.

This oxygenates your water, while also keeping nutrients moving which keeps them active for longer and stops them from building up at the bottom of the tank. Air stones don’t contaminate water nor do they leave any type of residues in nutrient solutions.

There are different types of air stones, such as the Tower Air Stone, an efficient model, or the 25cm air stone, which can be connected to more stones if you have a large grow tank that needs extra oxygen; they’re also ideal for using with Atman water pumps.

We also have silicone tubing designed to connect your pumps and air stones, available by the meter.

If you have any questions about oxygenating your plants’ nutrient solution and their roots or you want to know more about pumps and air stones, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll help you out.

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