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Water Pumps


Water Pumps

Water Pumps

There are many different ways to grow cannabis and of approaching certain chores, and a couple of methods that have been growing in popularity around the world are hydroponic set ups and automatic watering. Hydroponic grows tend to produce larger plants in less time, which makes for larger yields, and automatic growing systems simplify growing cannabis quite a lot.

In order to set up a hydroponic or automatic watering system properly, you’ll need certain tools, and one of the most important devices are water pumps.

What are Water Pumps for?

Water pumps are absolutely necessary in hydroponic and aeroponic grows, as well as grow set ups with an automatic watering system. These devices are connected to a water tank, and they’re in charge of absorbing water and pushing it towards where it’s supposed to go.

Cannabis plants grown in hydroponic systems need a constant flow of water that’s correctly adjusted to their needs, which would be impossible without a pump. On the other hand, growers using automatic watering systems need pumps in order to move the water in certain intervals, chosen using a timer.

If you want to use a watering wand to get to all of your plants you’ll also need a water pump.

Submergible Water Pumps

Submergible water pumps are the most common type of pump used when watering cannabis plants, as you can put them into your water tank for drip irrigation or hydroponic systems.

Submergible AquaKing water pumps are available in various flows designed to fit the needs of all types of growers: 1000 L/h, 4000 L/h and 11000 L/h; this last one is ideal for drip irrigation systems, which need a little extra strength.

These water pumps come with a protective grid so that they don’t end up blocked, and they’re placed at the end of your water tank. Make sure not to use nutrients that could obstruct the pump.

Pumps for Watering Wands

If you want to make watering easier but you don’t necessarily want to invest as much money as a full automatic watering system might require, you can always get yourself a watering wand and pump.

At La Huerta Grow Shop we have a watering wand kit that comes with a 70L tank, an extendible watering wand and a pump with a flow of 3000 L/h; it also comes with all of the necessary parts and 4 meters of tubing. This allows you to simplify your watering chores, which can be super handy if you have a lot of plants and you’re struggling to get to them all.

If you’re not sure how to use your water tank yet or you have any questions regarding how to choose the correct one, get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll help you out.

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