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Anti-odour Filters


Anti-odour Filters

What are Active Carbon Odour Filters?

When indoor growing became a reality, many factors needed drastic improvement, one of them being the pungent aromas produced by cannabis plants. As we all know, cannabis plants possess a powerful aroma that, when you have an air filtration system in your grow room, ends up being pushed out of your grow room or tent.

The game changed when active carbon odour filters found their way onto the market; they’re a highly efficient way of getting rid of any leftover aromas from your growing room or tent.

These odour-filters are cylindrical and contain active carbon on the inside. This carbon “traps” the molecules in charge of cannabis aroma (terpenes), expelling clean air outwards.

How do Active Carbon filters work in Indoor Grows?

As we were saying, the filter inside carbon filters traps the aromatic molecules produced by cannabis and absorbs them.

These filters have a membrane used to protect them from dirt, and they’re placed at the start of your extraction set up.

When growing cannabis indoors you absolutely have to renew the air in the room and this is done using an extractor that expels air outwards and is usually on 24h.

Where to Place an Anti-Odour Filter

In order to correctly install an anti-odour filter and have it work correctly, you’ll need to connect it up to the start of your extraction fan system. This is usually done using ducting. Keep in mind that the extractor and filter must be compatible in strength and diameter. If the diameter isn’t the same you can always use an adaptor.

Make sure to place the filter BEFORE the extraction fan so that all of the air goes through the filter before it hits the fan.

Active carbon odour filters are usually placed up high in grow tents and rooms. The reasoning for this is that air intraction is usually done at the bottom of the tent or room, that way the air is flowing from top to bottom and reaches all of the plants.

There are different carbon filter models to fits different growers’ needs. Some anti-odour filters, designed for large grows, weigh quite a lot and they simply can’t be hung from your grow tent or room – you can acquire stands for such devices.

What Filters do we Stock?

Here you can find the best carbon active odour filters, in different models and with varying characteristics for all needs.

If you’re looking for the best quality, we recommend using Prima Klima filters, a brand that has spent over 24 years creating and designing high quality, durable carbon filters.

Their Industry range if their professional line for indoor cannabis growers, and their filters have the following characteristics:

  • They have a lifespan of two years.
  • The most efficient filters at eliminating bad odours.
  • 4cm of active carbon – 5cm in the 315 series.
  • Can be refilled.
  • The materials used in this device are highly sturdy to guarantee more stability and a longer lifespan.

Apart from the Industry range, they also have their Prima Klima Eco Line, which offers an amazing price/performance ratio:

  • 3cm active carbon.
  • Can be used for one year of intensive growing.

The most affordable yet still high performing model is the Pure Factory Active Carbon Anti-odour filter.

  • This filter is high in quality and affordable.
  • It can be used over 9 intensive growing months.

If you need to spruce up your filter you can use Filtrina, which is an acrylic foam used to replace the protective foam on odour filters. This foam can also be used to cover any entrances in your grow tent or room, keeping insects and spores at bay.

Discover our wide-catalogue of anti-odour filters; if you have any questions regarding which filter is best for you, check in with our team of professionals; they’re happy to help!

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