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An indoor cannabis grow allows you to home-grow your own flowers all year round. You can set up an indoor grow easily without taking up much space. Keep reading if you want to find out everything you need to successfully grow cannabis indoors.

What Do You Need to Set Up an Indoor Grow

When growing indoors, essentially what you’re doing is replicating outdoor conditions inside your house. You’ll need to replicate the sun, wind, rain, soil, light cycles etc. This can all easily be from indoors. Plus, if you do it right you’ll be able to give your plants the absolute optimal results for harvesting.

Essentially, when growing indoors you’re aiming to generate the best possible conditions in which to grow cannabis to increase yield and quality. Let’s have a look at everything you need to grow cannabis indoors.

Grow Tent

You’ll need a grow tent in which to plant your cannabis and keep them safe – it needs to be strong and sturdy to hold up your accessories, too.

Indoor Growing Without a Grow Tent

You can grow cannabis indoors without a grow tent, although we recommend using up an entire room and using the right equipment; if you’re going to grow this way you’ll need to soundproof the walls, use an AC unit, an extractor fan, ventilation and make sure to get rid of any odours.

Other things to keep in mind are:

  • Cover the walls in reflective plastic sheeting in order to make the most out of your lighting system.
  • Protect the floor in the room you’re using.

Important: we don’t recommend growing in part of a room if not using a grow tent, you should always use a full room. The reason you shouldn’t do this is because you can accumulate too much heat in one area and it can be harder to maintain a stable climate. Plus, you won’t be able to obtain the same light reflection from your walls if you only use part of a room which means you’ll be wasting quite a lot of light.

As well as solving any growing issues you’ll also be able to use the rest of the room you’re growing in!

Indoor Grow Lighting

In order to grow cannabis indoors you have to use growing lights. Cannabis plants need a source of direct light from the sun during many hours to grow properly. In order to replicate this light intensity indoors you’ll need to use specifically designed lights.

Another factor to keep in mind when setting up your lighting system indoors is that some grow lamps can’t be plugged straight into the walls; they need ballasts to be able to function properly. Plus, depending on the type of light used you’ll also need to use a reflector in order to make the most of the used light.

Types of Cannabis Lights for Indoor Growing

There are four different types of lights used for growing cannabis indoors:

  • Energy-efficient lighting: the energy efficient lights you’ll find on La Huerta Grow Shop are lights designed specifically for indoor growing. These lights are ideal for smaller grow tents, are low in price and in electricity use. They need a reflector for the best results.
  • HPS: High Pressure Sodium lights are quite common when it comes to indoor growing. They’re affordable but they are also the most energy-consuming lights out of all four of these models. You’ll also need to use a ballast that has the same wattage as the light, and this model also requires a reflector.
  • LEC: LEC lamps, also known as metal halide MH lights, are more expensive than HPS lights. However, you should also keep in mind that you’ll be able to obtain similar results while generating less heat and using less electricity. Alongside LED lights, these are the best professional lighting system. LEC lights need a compatible reflector and ballast.
  • LED: LED panels are currently the most efficient type of indoor lighting. LED panels allow for intense growth and flowering while conserving most of the terpenes responsible for cannabis aroma and flavour. LED lighting offers the best results while using the least amount of electricity possible. These lights don’t need a ballast or reflector.


These devices are super useful in any indoor grow; they reflect and distribute light from your lighting system. We recommend using high quality reflectors in order to make the most of the lumens produced by your lights.

Types of Reflectors

There are various types of reflectors on the market currently:

  • Closed reflectors: this type is ideal for lowering the temperature in your grow room by a few degrees.
  • Open reflectors: these are the most common types of reflectors and the best for distributing light efficiently. This category contains basic reflectors with hammertone finishes, semi-professional reflectors such as the Azerwing Medium that reflects up to 86%, or professional reflectors such as the Adjust a Wings medium, which reflects up to 97%.


Ballasts maintain a constant flow of electricity in order to power the lights. It’s incredibly important that your ballast is compatible with the type of strength of the bulb you’re planning to use.


Fans can circulate air within your grow tent or grow room and avoid stagnant air and humidity forming within the area.

Extractor Fan

Extractor fans are used to push hot air outwards and bring new air into the grow room. Alongside the fans, these systems are used to preserve the micro/climate in your grow tent or room.


Timers are used to maintain lighting cycles or extractor fan cycles within your grow room, programming them to turn on and off. If your grow lights simulate sunlight, your timers are used to simulate day and night cycles for your plants. Regarding types of timers, you can either go digital or analogue.


Thermohygrometers are used to measure temperature and humidity. These are absolutely necessary when growing cannabis indoors – they’ll let you know if you’re using your extractor fan properly. Making sure your plants are at the right temperature and correct humidity levels is incredibly important, as these parameters are incredibly decisive when it comes to success.

Odour filter

Staying discreet when growing indoors is extremely important. Anti-odour filters stop any aromas from getting out when your cannabis plants are flowering. You’ll need to set it up inside the grow tent right before the extractor fan – connect it to your ducting which is then attached to the extractor fan. This allows you to grow without having to worry about nosy neighbours knowing what’s up.


The flowerpots that come with these kits are 6 and 7L in size. Under the best growing conditions you can harvest up to 40g of buds per 7L flowerpots and 30g in 6L flowerpots.


Our grow kits come with FREE seeds from La Huerta Private Reserve, allowing you to start growing indoors right away.

Buy a Complete Growing Kit

Your growing kit should have accessories and devices of the same quality and strength for the best results. A strong light in a small grow tent is going to cause more problems than it solves. The kits that we sell are perfectly balanced. All you have to do is choose your preferred substrate and start growing.

What Growing Kit to Buy

In order to choose a grow tent you’ll need to figure out a couple of things:

  • Your available space.
  • The amount you’re looking to harvest.

Our kits come with 6L and 7L flowerpots. As we were saying above, a 6L flowerpot can produce up to 30g flowers and in a 7L flowerpot you can harvest up to 40g flowerpots. If you want to get an estimate of how much you can harvest per kit, multiply the amount of flowerpots per the yield per each type of flowerpot.

What’s the Best Grow Tent?

It’s always best to go with the grow tent that has the best energy-consumption rate. The reasoning behind this is simple: you only have to pay for the kit once, but your electric bill comes every month. A bigger initial investment easily makes up for itself in a few months when using the lights. For example, a 315W LEC light will produce the same amount of buds as a HPS 600W while using half the electricity.

Indoor Grow Tents Ready to Grow

Dark Street Energy-Efficient 60x60x158cm Grow Tent Kit 12

V2 Hammertone Pure Tent 80x80x180cm 400w Grow Tent Kit 1

V2 Pearl Pro Pure Tent 100x100x200cm 400w Grow Tent Kit 2

V2 Hammertone Pure Tent 100x100x200cm 400w Grow Tent Kit 3

V2 Hammertone Pure Tent 120x120x200cm 600w Grow Tent Kit 4

V2 Pearl Pro Pure Tent 120x120x200cm 600w Grow Tent Kit 5

LEC 315 Pure Tent 120x120x200cm Grow Tent Kit 6

Pearl Pro Hydro Shoot 150x150x200cm 600w Grow Tent Kit 7

ECO Lumatek Hydro Shoot 150x150x200cm 630w Grow Tent Kit 8

LEC 630W Pure Tent 240x120x200cm Grow Tent Kit 9

LEC 315W Pure Tent 240x120x200cm Grow Tent Kit 10

V2 Pearl Pro Pure Tent 240x120x200cm Grow Tent Kit 11

If you have any questions when it comes to choosing a complete growing kit, keep in mind that you can get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop's team of experts.

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