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Only Grow Tents

Cannabis grow tents

Grow Tents are the most efficient way of making the most of your indoor growing space.

What is a Grow Tent?

A grow tent is essentially a metal structure with a fabric covering and a reflective interior. It should also have holes to allow air to get in and out, and for cables such as the lighting, extractor fan and other devices. These tents are designed to allow growers to recreate the perfect conditions In which to grow cannabis plants while producing amazing results.

Advantages of Growing in Grow Tents

  • Grow tents generate an easily-controlled micro-climate.
  • They also help you to make the most of your grow lights due to its reflective interior lining.
  • They stop light getting in or out.
  • You can grow all year long indoors.
  • High quality results in as far as aroma and flavour.
  • Easy to set up.

What types of Grow Tents are there?

There are various different types of grow tent for each and every type of grower. From standard-sized grow tents for home-growing, to small and large grow tents.

You can also find grow tents designed to preserve and grow mother plants from which you can take clones, grow tents for clones and saplings, etc.

How to Choose a Grow Tent

In order to pick the right grow tent you’re going to need to keep in mind a few factors:

  • Your available space.
  • The number of flowers you’re looking to harvest.

If You Don’t Have Much Space

Here are two great options for those working with little space:

  • 60x60x140 cm Grow Tent, with space for 4 7L flowerpots. We recommend using energy-efficient lighting.
  • 80x80x160 cm Grow Tent with space for 6L flowerpots. You can set up a 400w HPS kit, an energy-efficient 250w CFL kit, or a LED Attis 200w kit in here.

Space Isn’t an Issue

In this case, we recommend using standard-sized grow tents which allow you to increase yield considerably:

  • 100x100x200 cm Grow Tent in which you can use 9 7L flowerpots with a 400 or 600w HPS light or with a 300w LED Attis system.
  • 120x120x200 cm Grow Tent; this tent is a step further when it comes to standard grows; its size allows you to use different lighting systems such as LEC, LED and HPS.

For Big Growers

If this applies to you, you can check out tents from 150x150x217 cm to 595x300x200 cm.

Not Sure Which Grow Tent to Pick?

Check out the various sections of our page designed for grow tents. In our only grow tent section you can find some of the best branded grow tents by brand:

  • Pure Tent: cheap grow tents with the best price-quality ratio.

Sizes: 60x60x160 cm, 80x80x180 cm, 100x100x200 cm, 240x120x200 cm, 240x240x200cm.

  • Hidroshot: this is an affordable, but high quality range of renowned grow tent creator Secret Jardin.

Sizes: 80x80x180 cm, 100x100x200 cm, 120x120x200 cm, 150x150x200 cm, 240x120x200 cm, 240x240x200 cm, 300x150x200 cm, 300x300x200 cm y 595x300x200 cm.

  • Dark Street: Secret Jardin has another range of small and standard-sized grow tents made using high quality materials.

Sizes: 60x60x158 cm, 90x90x178 cm, 120x60x178 cm y 120x120x198 cm

  • Dark Room: this range is Secret Jardin’s highest quality and largest grow tent selection.

Sizes: 150x150x217 cm, 237x120x200 cm, 237x237x200 cm, 297x297x217 cm y 297x150x217 cm.

  • Dark Propagator by Secret Jardin is another type of grow tent designed for clones, saplings and mother plants. They’re ideal for growers that are looking to choose specific plants to grow and use for producing clones and cuttings.

Sizes: 60x40x60 cm, 90x60x98 cm y 120x60x190 cm

If you’re looking for a grow tent kit with the necessary equipment for growing cannabis, we recommend visiting our complete grow tent section. You’ll be able to find kits that have it all; lighting, extraction and ventilation all in proportion to the size of the tent.

Remember, you can consult with our team of La Huerta Grow Shop professionals if you have any questions!

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