Complete Grow Light Kits

Complete Lighting Kits

Plants that grow under direct sunlight, such as cannabis, need artificial lighting in order to grow and bloom properly indoors.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to set up a lighting system, the type of lights your plants need and how to pick the best complete indoor grow light kit.

What are Grow Light kits?

A grow lighting kit should come with everything needed to efficiently light an indoor cannabis growing room or grow tent. It’s important that the kit has balanced accessories and devices to make the most of each one, meaning they should be of similar quality and wattage.

What does an Indoor Grow Lighting Kit Contain?

Lighting kits contain:


There are four types of bulbs used in indoor growing:

  • Energy-efficient: the best type of lighting for indoor growing.
  • HPS: these are the cheapest but also produce the smallest amount of yield per watt (0.8g per watt) and they generate lots of heat.
  • LEC: this new technology has the highest performance rate (1.5 – 1.8g per watt) and they produce less heat than HPS lighting.
  • LED: these lights are ideal for large grows, they have a high performance rate (1.2 – 1.5g per watt) and produce the least heat of all models.


LEC and HPS lights need a ballast to turn on and receive constant electricity.

  • The ballast must be compatible with your lamp’s wattage and the type of bulb.
  • HPS ballasts can’t be used with LEC lights and vice versa.
  • HPS kits can be used with analogue or electric ballasts.
  • Ballasts used with LEC kits are electronic.


HPS, energy-efficient and LEC lighting needs to be used alongside a reflector in order to catch errant light and redirect it towards your plants from all sides.


Pulleys allow you to easily modify the height of your grow lights as your plants grow.

Power Needed for Growing Cannabis Indoors

You’ll need to pick your lighting strength based on the space you have to grow in.

For example, if you want to set up a 150x150 cm area you’ll need to look for a light that suits that area, or if you have a short grow tent you’ll need to choose the right lighting to make sure the heat from the bulbs doesn’t burn the tips of your plants.

What Lighting do I need for my Grow Tent?

Here’s a list of various different lighting systems that are recommended for certain grow tent or grow room sizes.

Energy Efficient

Fluorescent lighting -  2X55W 60x60 cm

Fluorescent lighting - 4x55W 80x80cm

CFL 125W 60x60 cm

CFL 200W 80x80cm

CFL 250W 80x80cm


HPS 400W 100x100cm

HPS 600W 120x120 cm

HPS 1000W 150x150 cm


LEC 315W 120x120 cm

LEC 630W 150x150 cm


LED 200W 80x80cm

LED 300W 100x100cm

LED 465-480W 120x120cm

LED 645W 150x150cm

How to Pick an Indoor Grow Light Kit

As you can see, a 120x120 cm grow tent can be lit using a 600w HPS, LED 465w, or LEC 315w system.

In the case of our example, you would be using either 600w, 645w or 315w depending on the kit you choose. On top of the bulbs, you’ll also need to keep in mind that the ballast and other devices used in climatization also use electricity.

HPS kits are cheaper but they use more electricity. Plus, you need to spend more on AC because they let off more heat. These systems are for those that don’t want to spend much to start with and don’t mind shelling out a bit more on their electricity bill.

LEC kits are more expensive although they produce more results while using less electricity via both the bulb and ballast. Keeping your grow room cool is also cheaper than using HPS. If you’re looking for large results and low electric bills, this is the best type of lighting.

LED panels don’t need a ballast or a reflector; they make the most of electricity, much more than HPS although not as much as LEC. The main advantage is that they generate much less heat and it’s much cheaper to keep cooler – these systems are ideal for large grows.

What Lighting Kit to Pick

At La Huerta Grow Shop you’ll be able to find high quality lighting kits at the best possible price.

Cheap lighting kits for grow tents and grow rooms of all sizes, grouped together by lighting type:

Sodium Grow Light Kit

La Huerta Grow Shop has the best 400, 600 and 1000w HPS lighting kits.

1000w Grow Light Kit

We also sell 1000w lighting kits with integrated ballast, dimmer and bulbs with no filaments in order to rule out any possible shade in the growing area.

Energy-efficient Grow Light Kits

Energy-efficient lighting kits with fluorescent lighting and reflectors; these are great for 60x60, 80x80m and up to 100x100cm grow tents or areas; ready to plug in and use.

LEC Grow Light Kits

The best 315w and 630w LEC kits with integrated or separated ballast and reflector, ideal for 120x120 cm grow tents.

LED Grow Light Kits

200W, 300W, 465W, 480W, 600W and 645W LED lighting panel kits so that you can pick whichever kit best fits your grow tent and/or grow room.

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