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1000w Lighting Kits


1000w Lighting Kits

1000w Lighting Kits

What is a 1000w Lighting Kit?

A 1000w lighting kit typically contains a 1000w bulb for growth and flowering, a compatible electronic ballast and a reflector.

Do I Need a 1000w Lighting Kit?

1000w Lighting Kits are the most potent kits available using just one ballast. These kits allow you to produce higher yields than with a normal HPS system.

The ballasts that you can find at La Huerta Grow Shop allow you to reduce the strength of your bulbs to 600 - 660w during the growth period, allowing you to save on electricity when your plants don’t need that much power. Plus, once your plants enter the bloom stage you can use the dimmer to increase yield an additional 10%.

How Many Plants Can I Grow Using a 1000w Lighting Kit

By using a 1000w lighting kit you can cover over 150x150 cm, or in other words, this type of lighting system allows you to obtain 1kg or more of buds.

What is Double Ended (DE) technology?

Double-ended systems offer:

  • Light stability.
  • Faster start-up.
  • Between 10 and 25% more light using the same electricity as a HPS lamp with just one socket.
  • No wires inside the bulb removes any type of shadowing that may occur.

Electronic Ballast Advantages

  • They allow you to adjust the wattage when growing.
  • The Superlumen function can increase the max power by 10%.
  • It has technology which allows it to detect the heat of the bulbs so they don’t turn on again without having cooled down enough, for example after a power outage – this increases the bulbs’ lifespan.
  • Protects from high and low tension.
  • Silent.

What 1000w Lighting Kit Should I Pick?

These kits are designed as a complete product to be used together without changing any components.

The ballasts in each kit are designed for the accompanying bulbs, which makes for less interference than normal kits.

Apollo 1000w Lighting Kit – this is the cheapest one, with quite a competitive price; it’s ideal for those looking to start using Double Ended technology.

  • Aluminum reflector made out of highly reflective aluminum.
  • High frequency electronic ballast with dimmer: 660w, 750w, 825w, 1000w, 1150w (super lumens).
  • Green Power HPS Double Ended 1000w bulb.

Protón 1000w HPS Lighting Kit: this kit is great quality for price.

  • The included reflector is a Vega High Grade aluminium reflector with a high reflection rate (95%) that has adjustable wings to make the most of the light.
  • Electronic ballast of ultra high frequency which has 4 dimmable wattages and SuperLumen settings (10% stronger). Available in 600w, 750w, and 1000w.
  • Green Power HPS Double Ended (DE) 1000w light.

Gavita Pro DE 1000w Kit: this is a professional kit. Gravita is a Dutch manufacturer that’s leading in professional horticulture products, with over 30 years’ experience in the sector.

  • The Gavita Hortistar reflector is made out of highly reflective Miro aluminum.
  • High frequency electronic ballast that can be adjusted to 600w, 750w, 825w, 1000w and 1150w. The ballast is completely sealed and has gore-tex® technology to ventilate it and keep it safe from humidity and dust.
  • Terminals fully sealed.
  • Double Ended 1000w Gravita Bulb.

If you have any questions regarding which 1000w lighting kit you should choose, you can always consult with our La Huerta Grow Shop team of experts.

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