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Energy Saving CFL Kits


Energy Saving CFL Kits

Energy Saving CFL Kits

Can you Grow Cannabis Using Energy-Efficient CFL Lighting?

Many indoor growers ask themselves this question because these types of lighting systems save on electricity. Here’s a few important details:

  • You can grow using energy-efficient lighting; it’s the ideal type of lighting for smaller-sized grow tents.
  • They can be used in grow tents up to 100x100 cm in size.
  • In larger grow tents they lose efficiency, where HPS, LEC and LED lights are much better.

What Advantages do Energy Saving Grow Lights have?

  • These lights are ideal for clones and seedlings.
  • They’re also ideal for the veg phase of your plants.
  • They can be used during the bloom period, although you’ll need to change to a flowering bulb as they’re not mixed.
  • They’re quite cheap to replace.
  • They don’t produce much heat, so it’s cheaper to cool down your grow.
  • They allow you to grow during the summer.
  • They’re ideal for small or short grow tents.

What Energy Efficient Grow Lights Can You Find at La Huerta?

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find various different kits, including the 2x55w energy efficient lighting kit, which comes with two 55w fluorescent CFL lights which can fit 60x60 cm grow tents. They have a lifespan of over 10000 hours.

The 4x55w Lighting system, made in Germany, comes with four fluorescent lights and a Starlight reflector. It’s ideal for 80x80 cm and 100x100 cm grows, making sure to switch to orange fluorescent lighting for the flowering period.

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