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LEC Kits

LEC Kits

LEC lights, also known as CMH lights (Ceramic Metal Halide); CDM (Ceramic-Discharge Metal Halide), or ceramic discharge lights are the one of the latest innovations in as far as indoor cannabis grow lights.

Using LEC lights you can get larger yields and increase the cannabinoids and terpenes in your cannabis compared to HPS and LED lighting. This increase in trichome content in your flowers makes for a more intense flavour and aroma (thanks to the increased terpenes) and a more psychoactive effect and therapeutic effect (thanks to increased cannabinoids).

What Advantages do LEC Lights Give in Indoor Grows?

Apart from improving the general quality of your final product as we just mentioned, this type of lighting has won respect among growers all over the world for the following reasons:

  • It produces less heat and consumes almost half the amount of energy that HPS bulbs do.

*The heat from the bulbs is responsible for the loss of terpenes that occurs in indoor plants, which is why LEC lamps allow you to grow cannabis with more terpenes than standard bulbs.

  • LEC Lamps produce a light spectrum more similar to the sun, with infrared and ultraviolet light. Thanks to this, more trichomes are produced than with standard bulbs.

*Protective goggles are recommended.

LEC Kit Characteristics:

  • The ballast, lamp and reflector must be compatible with LEC technology, although you can also use a reflector from a HPS system using a 315w LEC system and an adaptor.

*LEC kits come with all of the devices and accessories needed; ballast and reflector so you can start setting it up straight away.

  • LEC lighting kits combine more strength and higher light quality alongside efficient energy consumption.
  • They’re not the cheapest when it comes to initial investment, although they are cheaper in the long run if you grow cannabis indoors all year round, as you’ll be paying less on the electric bills which makes up for the initial investment.
  • Our 315w kits can produce more yield than 600w HPS bulbs, and our 630w kits can produce larger yields than 1000w bulbs.

At La Huerta grow Shop you can find high quality LEC kits such as the 315w LEC CMH Kit with 3100k bulb, or professional kits like the 315w CMH Lumatek Aurora Kit with hammertone reflector; 315w Lumatek Hammertone Reflector kit, or the 315w CMH LEC Lumatek kit so you can use your own reflector.

If you want to go one step further and you’re interested in 630w LEC kits, we recommend the 630w Eco DE Lumatek Reflector kit, which is quite complete. If you want to use it with another reflector, we also have the CMH/LEC 630w DE ballast and light kit.

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