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Reflectors for Fluorescent Lighting


Reflectors for Fluorescent Lighting

Why do You Need a Reflector for Fluorescent Grow Lights?

  • Energy-efficient fluorescent grow lights produce light in all directions.
  • A reflector is used to redirect that light towards your cannabis plants.
  • A good reflector allows you to make the most of the electricity being used.

How to Choose the Right Reflector for Fluorescent Lighting

You’ll need to keep various factors in mind:

  • Your reflective material needs to be highly reflective.
  • It must be made of high quality materials.

Buy a Reflector for Fluorescent Lighting

Our catalogue stocks various different fluorescent lighting reflectors; high in quality and at affordable prices.

For the smaller grow tents around 60x60 cm in size, you can use the 2x55w lighting system, which is perfect for maintaining mother plants, clones and plants in the veg stage,

  • If you want to flower your plants using this lighting you’ll need to switch them out with the orange fluorescents.

For 80x80 cm and 100x100 cm, La Huerta Grow Shop offers the 4x55w lighting systems, an energy-efficient STARLIGHT made in Germany.

  • It comes with 4 white 55w fluorescent lights for the veg period.
  • During the bloom period, in order to use this lighting system you’ll need to switch the lights out for orange fluorescent lighting.

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