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MH Metal Halide Grow Lights


MH Metal Halide Grow Lights

Metal Halide Grow

What is a Metal Halide Lamp?

Metal Halide (MH) grow lights, also called halogen mercury lights, are HID lights (High Intensity Discharge). In these discharge lights, light is produced via an electric arc between electrodes.

MH lights (metal halide) need to be used alongside a ballast of the same power and a reflector used to redirect light to your plants.

Why Should I use a Metal Halide for Plant Growth

MH lights use a light spectrum similar to spring sun. It’s ideal for saplings right up until the end of the growth period. If you use MH lights your plants will grow strong and produce short internodes, ready to flower in no time at all.

The best way to use HID lights is to use a MH light during the growth period an a HPS light for the bloom stage – this is the highest performing and yielding method.

What Metal Halide Light to Use?

During the growth period, cannabis plants don’t need as much light as they do during the flowering period. If you want to save money, you can use a less potent bulb and ballast. For example, you can combine the following:

  • 250w MH during growth with 400w HPS during flowering.
  • 400w MH during growth with 600w HPS during flowering.

MH Grow Lights for Grow Tents

  • 80x80 cm Grow Tent – 250w MH
  • 100x100 cm Grow Tent – 400w MH
  • 120x120 cm Grow Tent – 600w MH
  • 150x150 cm Grow Tent – 1000w MH

MH grow lights are best for using during the growth period and for clones and saplings. They have a lower lifespan than HPS lights, around 20000 hours. After about 9 months of continuous use you should replace them.

At La Huerta Grow Shop we have the perfect metal halide grow light for your particular needs. In our catalogue you’ll be able to find various different models, including:

Metal Halide Pure Light MH Grow, available in 250w, 400w and 600w. These Pure Light-made grow lights are affordable but high in quality. Colour temperature: 6400k.

  • Lumens for 250w: 25000 lumens.
  • Lumens for 400w: 40000 lumens.
  • Lumens for 600w: 55000 lumens.

Metal Halide Philips Master HPI-T Plus 250w Grow Light; this highly efficient grow light is professionally made. Colour temperature: 645 CCT, 4500K white, cold.

  • Lumens for 250w: 20500 lumens.

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can always consult our team of professionals if you need help with your indoor grow.

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