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Night Lights


Night Lights

These night lights produce green light and are designed to make it much easier for growers to access their garden during their plants’ night cycle.

Cannabis During the Night Cycle

Cannabis plants depend on the amount of hours of light received in order to grow and to change from growth to bloom. Unless you’re working with autoflowering cannabis strains (in which case you don’t need to change any light cycles), your cannabis plants’ light cycle is incredibly important for proper growth and flowering.

When it comes to both photoperiodic and autoflowering plants, indoors when the plants are “asleep” (when the lights are out) or outdoors at night time, you shouldn’t expose them to any type of light or else you may stress them out and affect their growth.

We know that light cycles of plants aren’t always compatible with growers’ timetables, which is why many growers tend to work their grow in the dark.

In order to solve this issue, check out our night lights.

What are Green Night Lights?

These night lights are designed to emit green light, which is why they can be used to light up your growing area in the dark without interrupting their light-cycle. These lights aren’t that powerful, but they’re strong enough so that you can water your plants and go about other tasks.

We don’t recommend putting these lights too close to your plants, remember that they’re just a tool used to access the room in which your plants in without having to turn the lights on.

What Types of Night Lights are in our Catalogue?

We stock various models such as the PURE LIGHT GREEN LED 3.5w, which has a green LED light, or the GREEN LED HEADLAMP, which has an elastic band which allows you to wear it on your head comfortably.

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