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Analog Ballasts


Analog Ballasts

Analog ballasts

Why Do Indoor Cannabis Grows Need a Ballast

Ballasts are used to properly work HPS, MH and LEC lights, providing stable electric flow. Without the proper ballast, these types of lights can’t be used.

What Ballast do I Need?

The ballast chosen needs to be compatible with the type of bulb and the wattage.

400w and 600w MH and HPS lights can be used with the same ballast as long as it’s the same wattage. These are the only types of lights that can be used with both magnetic and electronic ballasts.

LEC grow lights need an electronic ballast that’s compatible with that technology, and 1000w Double Ended bulbs use exclusive high frequency ballasts.

Magnetic vs Electronic Ballasts

Electronic ballasts have many benefits; they’re safer, more efficient and the models with dimmers allow you to choose the proper strength for each growing stage. This allows for a considerable drop in electricity use.

On the other hand, magnetic or analog ballasts simply do what they’re supposed to and they’re also much cheaper.

The Perfect Magnetic Ballast for Indoor Growing

You can choose between these two models:

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