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Varied Accessories


Varied Accessories

Varied Accessories

When it comes to indoor growing, lighting is quite a key element when it comes to the quality of your end result.

In order for your plants to receive light as efficiently as possible you can use a wide array of accessories that can optimize your lighting system.

Light Accessory Catalogue – What to Expect

This section contains all types of accessories used to better your indoor lighting system. From pulleys used to adjust grow light height (depending on your plants’ phase you may want to lower or increase the height of your grow lights), to reflective plastic used to line the inside of your grow room and increase light distribution for your plants.

We also have digital luxometers that can help you to measure the light intensity of your grow area, including power controllers and many more devices.

Discover all of the accessories needed for your grow room and lighting system; if you have any questions make sure to get in touch with our team of experts.

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