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Bayer Insecticides

Bayer is a pharmaceutical and agrochemical company founded in Barmen, Germany on the 7th of August 1863 by Friedrich Bayer and Johan Friedrich Weskott. When they started out, they were developing and selling dyes. They then discovered aspirin in 1897.

During the years 1925 and 1951 they participated in IG Farbenindustrie AG, a group of companies in the colouring industry, which allowed them to diversify into different sectors, becoming a company invested in health and agriculture.

In the year 2011, Bayer started manufacturing Sativex in the UK, a medicine that contains cannabinoids designed to treat multiple sclerosis.

Up until the year 2018, Bayer was the third largest company in the world dedicated to innovative products for agriculture. On the 7th of June, 2018, with the acquisition of Monsanto, a biotech and agrochemical company, Bayer became the largest agrochemical company in the world.

They-re currently located in Leverkusen to the north of Germany, and they’re present in all 5 continents and in over 100 countries.

Bayer Work Ethic

  • Bayer’s success as a company is thanks to the use of science in all of their product development techniques.
  • As a company, Bayer tends to lead many different areas of high investigation.
  • One of their strong points is that they’re incredibly innovative.
  • This company is highly invested in protecting the environment, and their fusion with Monsanto has allowed them to be in a better position to help growers around the world to grow healthier and more sustainable food.


Solfac is an efficient insecticide that comes in an automatic spray format; once you’ve activated it, it sprays the product into the air without having to hold it or be in the same room. In fact, you should NOT be in the same room while this product is spraying. It can be used against all types of insects; aphidswhite flies, thrips, spider mites, broad mites etc.

Solfac is ideal for getting to those hard to reach spots, which is why it’s used to clean out grow tents or entire grow rooms. You should not use this product on plants or animals. This product should be used if you’ve had a previous infestation in your grow room or tent; make sure to thoroughly clean your entire grow room once the product is finished its cycle.

Solfac contains synthetic pyrethroids. It does not leave an odour or stains, and can be used in rooms up to 40m2 in size. You should let this product act for at least 3 hours, and then turn on your air extraction system to remove any residues.

At La Huerta Grow Shop we recommend using eco-friendly products when possible for taking care of your plants.

If you have any questions regarding Solfac or how to use it, make sure to get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of specialists and professionals for the best advice.

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