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Canna Insecticides

Canna insecticides

Canna is a well-known Dutch fertilizer and additive manufacturer, designed specifically for cannabis plants. This renowned company has been working in the cannabis sector since the start of the 90s and ever since then they’ve been innovating and surprising us all.

As well as offering additives, nutrients and substrates, Canna also makes products designed to prevent and fight off certain types of insect infestations in cannabis plants.

Canna Work Ethic

Canna is highly involved in investigation and fertilizer and additive development, with the entire production process in their hands; from research done in their own labs to logistics, making sure everything is going smoothly. Thanks to their many years of experience in research, Canna is currently one of the most renowned cannabis brands, with products studied and designed by and for cannabis lovers.

  • Ecological products designed for cannabis plants.
  • Complete control over manufacturing and producing in order to guarantee the best results.


CannaCure is an efficient foliar protector that creates a thin protective layer around your plants’ leaves, acting as a barrier between your plants and various types of insects and fungi such as red spider mites, cochineals and oidium. This pesticide is environmentally friendly and also stimulates plant growth.

Thanks to Cannacure’s eco formula, it produces almost no residues; you can use it to prevent and fight off insect infestations during the growth and flowering periods. For severe white fly infestations, red spider mites or cochineals, you can use Cannacure every three days for the most efficient treatment possible until the infestation is gone. For the best prevention you should use it from the start of the flowering period until the end.

We recommend using Cannacure as a preventive product if you’ve decided to use Canna’s fertilizers; they’re designed to work together and give you the best possible results from your cannabis plants. Plus, Cannacure is also available in spray format which comes ready to use, and in 1L and 5L containers so that you can make your own mixture as needed.

What Results to Expect from Cannacure

  • Healthier plants and revitalized leaves greener than you’ve ever seen them.
  • It stimulates plant growth via root absorption.
  • Pest prevention such as white flies, red spider mites, cochineals and mites.
  • It also efficiently treats and prevents oidium.

The manufacture recommends using this product alongside Canna Boost during the flowering stage (available in bio-mineral and organic formulas). As well as protecting your plants, Cannacure is also designed to relieve stress and allow your plants to photosynthesize much better. This means that they’ll be able to produce more flowers due to having more energy; Canna Boost is used to help these new flowers become larger and denser. If you want to know more about these fertilizers check out our Canna fertilizers section.

If you have any questions about Cannacure and how to use it alongside the rest of Canna’s products, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts for the best possible advice.

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