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Trabe Insecticides

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Trabe Insecticides

Trabe Insecticides

The best way to prevent against unwanted insect and fungi infestations is by using eco-friendly products that don’t damage the environment, and Trabe is a brand that, as well as offering products designed for feeding cannabis plants, also manufactures organic and sustainable preventive pesticides.

Ever since 1996, Trabe has been working with natural and sustainable formulas that are completely safe for the environment and consumers. In order to make their products, Trabe has their own quality control system done by companies certified in field analysis, offering products as close as possible to what growers want. All of their products are made under regulation CE 2092/91.

Trabe Insecticides and Fungicides

This Spanish company has two star products that can help you to keep your plants safe and free of infestations such as mites, insects and snails, as well as fungal infections such as oidium, rust, alternaria, mildew etc.

Thanks to their organic origins, these products can be used during the flowering stage, although we recommend easing up on them a couple of weeks before harvesting in order to guarantee a residue-free harvest, which could alter the flavour.


Ekisan by Trabe is a product that contains horsetail. Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense), has a high Equisetonine content, which is a saponine (glucose similar to soap) which is toxic for many different types of fungus.

Horsetail is one of the most used products in the world thanks to the fact that it’s harmless for people and animals, as well as beneficial insects like bees.

This 100% organic product is used as a fungicide and to prevent and control some of the most common fungal infestations in cannabis, such as oidium, botrytis, and alternaria. Plus, thanks to its high silicic acid content (a silicon, oxygen and hydrogen compound), it can thicken your plants’ cell walls, making them stronger and making it harder for certain insects such as red spider mites or aphids from getting at your plants.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatical by Trabe is a natural, organic stimulant that reduces stress in cannabis plants and also acts as a potent insecticide. It’s made using diatomaceous earth and calcium oxide, and it can be either sprayed or used when watering your plants.

Diatomaceous earth is a potent natural insecticide that can eliminate many different types of insect infestations in cannabis plants without damaging their flowers nor their buds. Mites, spiders, snails etc. It can also increase your plants’ resistance to certain types of fungal infections.

This organic stimulant comes in powdered format, and can also be used to adjust calcium deficiencies on your plants while also increasing your plants’ size and strength, which makes for a larger and higher quality yield at the end of the day.

If you have any questions about how to use Trabe’s preventive products and pesticides, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of professionals for the best advice.

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