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Various Insecticides

This section of La Huerta Grow Shop is where you’ll be able to find efficient insecticides and fungicides by various different brands, ideal for fighting insect and fungi infestations in your cannabis plants, as well as other plants.

When it comes to picking the right type of treatment for your plants, you’ll need to keep in mind that you can use other bio or chemical products, both of which have their own pros and cons. Chemical products are much faster and are considered more efficient by some growers, although bio products are more sustainable and better for the environment; plus, you can use bio products during the flowering stage because they’re much safer to use than chemical products.

A great way to keep flying insects from your plants is by using yellow or blue sticky traps, which attract and trap flying insects. They’re a great preventive method and they can also help you to detect the arrival of a possible infestation.

Varied Bio Insecticides and Fungicides

  • Spruzit: this is one of the most popular preventive products in this entire section. It’s an insecticide and acaricide that act via contact and also kill eggs and larvae of various kinds; red spider mites, white flies, cochineals, aphids, budworms and thrips.

*This product contains natural pyrethrin and organic rapeseed oil and it’s applied by spraying both sides of your plants’ leaves. You should avoid spraying under the sun and high temperatures, as this may cause accidental leaf burn.

  • Leaf Coat: this organic product is designed to create a thin layer of natural latex around your plants’ leaves, protecting them from pathogens, insects and fungal infections. It allows light and air to pass through, but it makes it hard for fungi and insects to get to the leaves.

*It also protects your plants’ leaves from the cold, while reducing stress at the same time. In fact, it takes just two weeks to degrade under the sun. It should be used twice a week on both sides of every leaf. Keep in mind that, as with any other product, you should stop using it around two weeks before harvesting in order to guarantee clean, healthy plants.

  • Protect: this product protects and regenerates cannabis plants organically. It contains essential oils and amino acids, and it works similarly to Leaf Coat, creating a thin layer over your plants’ leaves, protecting them and preventing insect infestations.

*It activates your plants’ immune system naturally, increasing their defences and resistance to various types of insects and pathogens while regenerating and fortifying your plants and stimulating growth. It should be sprayed three times during your plants’ life cycle.

  • Belrpón Special Fluid 90: this fungicide and acaricide contains sulphur, one of the most efficient pesticides that’s been used for many years in different crops and grows. Use it by spraying it on your plants’ leaves; we don’t recommend using it during the advanced flowering stage or it may alter the flavour of your flowers.

This section also contains products designed for specific infestations such as Ferramol Antisnails.

Varied Chemical Insecticides and Fungicides

As we were saying previously, we recommend using organically sourced products as much as possible. If you find yourself in a situation in which you have no other option than to use faster, more aggressive treatments, you can use chemical products, which can also be found in this section.

Keep in mind that chemical products can’t be used during the flowering period due to the long-lasting residues they produce and the possible health risk of not respecting the safety period.

  • Skunk: this Probelte product kills eggs and larvae and is highly efficient against mites, acting via instant contact. This product has a long residual period, which means it’s ideal for using before the flowering period starts and to keep your plants protected all the way through.

*This product isn’t harmful for beneficial insects, which makes it ideal for grows that already have natural predators around. It’s a spray product, and we recommend using it alongside Belproil A to efficiently eradicate mites in all stages; adult, larvae and eggs.

  • Lexor 25: this chemical fungicide is used against oidium, rust and alternaria; it acts systemically and via contact. This means that your plant absorbs it and distributes it around. This product is designed to get rid of and prevent different types of fungal infections via contact.

*This product is made using Difenoconazole (25%), a chemical compound that rapidly penetrates your plants, distributing the fungicide to all leaves and branches.

Take a look at our varied selection of insecticides, fungicides and preventive products for cannabis; if you still have questions, make sure to get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of professionals; we’ll help you out and protect your plants together!

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