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Large Grows


Large Grows

In this category you can find all types of products related to growing cannabis, such as cannabis seeds, flowerpots, substrates and any other growing accessory or necessary tool for even larger needs.

Here at La Huerta Grow Shop we know how hard it can be to organize your space and time, which is why we’ve created this category where you can find everything you need. From an enormous seed catalogue known for their large yields to a wide range of products needed to grow cannabis indoors.

In this section, large grows, you can get equally large discounts – check it out!

Seeds at La Huerta Grow Shop

Our catalogue has multiple renowned cannabis strains that are known for their potent effects, as well as classic and stabilized strains. Here you can find the perfect strain that fits in with your needs, from indica and sativa-dominant strains to balanced hybrid capable of offering high yields in small amounts of time.

Some of the most popular and high yielding strains that you can find here are:

  • Missing in Barcelona: this renowned strain by Eva Seeds is a balanced indica-sativa strain that’s highly productive.
  • Monster: this sativa-dominant strain, also by Eva Seeds, is known for its yields reaching above average.

You can also find some of the most impressive Sweet Seeds strains in this catalogue, such as Gorilla Girl, a combination of two renowned US names (Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies) which adapts well to pretty much any growing method and it produces a truly potent effect. Another Sweet Seeds strain sought-after by growers around the world is Cream Caramel, known for its sweet caramel flavour and potent indica effect.

If you’re looking for autoflowering strains capable of producing surprisingly large yields, we recommend checking out seeds such as Green Poison Xl Auto, producing up to 250g per plant, or medicinal strains such as Honey Peach Auto CBD with a 1:1.5 THC:CBD ratio, easy to grow.

As well as the seeds mentioned above, we also have dozens more strains so that you can find the strain that best meets your needs and personal preferences.

Growing Products

When it comes to setting up your cannabis grow, there are certain tools that you absolutely need to have a successful grow. In this category you’ll find everything that you could need to get going; from flowerpots in all sizes for necessary transplants, or for different growing configurations; to any type of accessory necessary to set up an efficient grow.

Starting with substrates, we have substrates that contain low doses of nutrients so that you can control your plants feeding schedule such as BioBizz Light Mix and Sabika Light Mix, as well as more nutrient-rich substrates for vigorous growth such as BioBizz All Mix, Atami Kilomix and many more.

You can find the perfect flower pots for your grow, from 0.2L for your saplings up to 18L for the largest plants, as well as drippers with 6 and 12 outlets for a more efficient watering process alongside a water pump.

In order to provide your plants with high quality light, you can use all types of lighting, from potent and efficient LED systems like the Pure LED 645w Lighting system to complete HPS lighting kits such as the Gavita Pro 1000w DE Kit for growers that need to go one step further with their plants.

Of course, we can’t forget the most important elements that make up an indoor grow; your plants’ home. If you’re not going to grow in a grow room, we have various Secret Jardín grow tents from the Dark range. Whether you want to propagate clones or maintain a mother plant, as well as if you need a large grow tent for your plants, Secret Jardín grow tents are ideal. If you’re planning on growing in a grow room, we also have high quality reflective paper designed to line the walls.

If you would prefer to get everything all at once, we have a wide range of kits that also come with hefty discounts. Check out our growing kits which come with everything you need to start growing; with these kits, you’ll have all of the necessary tools: flower pots, ballasts, lights, reflectors, extractors, timers, and all of the necessary elements for setting up your indoor grow. You can even get kits that come with feminized seeds from our collection.

If you want to go a step further and you need to control various lighting systems in your indoor grow, we also have various control boxes designed to control your lights and ballasts, centralizing all of your set-ups and improving the organization of your grow room.

Whatever it is that you need for your grow, in this section you’ll find everything you need at the best prices. If you have any questions or inquiries, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts at La Huerta Grow Shop and we’ll give you a hand.

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