Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds is a seed bank based in the UK and founded by geneticist Milo Yung. This seed bank has grown over the past few years thanks to their star strain Big Buddha Cheese, an intense, exquisite aroma that has taken over growers and consumers all over the world.

Ever since they first launched and during their long reign as a seed bank, Big Buddha Seeds has won multiple prizes and cannabis cups such as the High Times Cannabis Cup with their characteristic potently aromatic strains and hybrids.

Big Buddha Seeds – What Types of Strains to Expect

In this massive catalogue you’ll be able to find various Cheese hybrids such as Silver Cheese, which produces a potent effect and large buds, or Blue Cheese, which has an intense aroma, and a fruity flavour with a sweet cheese aftertaste.

They also stock potent hybrids such as Buddha Kush OG, a compact and hefty plant, or G-Bomb, which comes from a select G-Force, a sturdy strain that produces plenty of resin.

If you prefer to grow autoflowering plants, Big Buddha Seeds also offers a wide range of feminized, autoflowering seeds, among which a few stand out; Critical Mass Automatic, which has a characteristic fruity aroma and is super easy to grow, and Blue Cheese Automatic, which produces a strong relaxing effect and a long-lasting flavour.

Big Buddha Seeds strains go through a quality and germination control process to guarantee a stable, high quality final product. They’re sold in packs of 5 and 10 labelled seeds.

If you’re still unsure which strain is the one for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your team; we’ll find the perfect strain together!

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