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Devil's Harvest Seeds


Devil's Harvest Seeds

Devils Harvest Seeds

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that was founded in Amsterdam by a group of breeders and growers that wanted to begin producing high quality hybrid strains. Their strains are known for their high yields and their short flowering periods, which is quite the winning combination that has earned the appreciation of growers everywhere.

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds Catalogue – What to Expect

Right from the start this seed bank was winning prizes and awards all over the world – they still are – including the High Times Amsterdam cup and the Spannabis & High Life prizes, among others.

Their catalogue contains strains such as the resinous Strawberry Sour Diesel, the high-yielding Kuchi and the potent Rollex OG Kush. Devil’s Harvest Seeds come in 3, 5 and 10 seed containers in both feminized and regular formats.

If you’re struggling to pick a seed, make sure to check with our team or to use our handy seed finder and you’re sure to find the perfect strain!

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