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Dutch Passion

This Dutch seed bank, Dutch Passion, founded by Henk van Dalen, is one of the largest pioneers in cannabis; they were the first seed bank to start selling feminized seeds in Amsterdam.

Dutch Passion began in 1972, when their founder started growing cannabis, which then instigated him to use his experience and biology studies to experiment with cannabis hybrids in order to improve them. However, it wouldn’t be until 1987 when Dutch Passion officially began as a seed bank, and in 1988 they opened their first coffee shop in Amsterdam.

Dutch Passion has one of the largest ranges of cannabis seeds on the market, with legendary and classic strains in feminized, autoflowering and regular formats with a high CBD count, as well as highly popular US strains.

Classic Dutch Passion Strains

If you’re looking for old school flavours and aromas, you’re in the right spot; Dutch Passion is the creator of many emblematic cannabis strains in the community and has been for decades. Here you can find old school strains known for their aromas and flavours, as well as incredibly potent effects.

An example of an absolute classic is Power Plant, a strain that has been extremely popular in Dutch coffee shops since 1997. This sativa-dominant strain produces clear, mental effects. Enjoy its fresh, smooth flavours; ideal if you’re looking for an old school sativa.

Another amazing classic grown around the world is White Widow, one of the first and most potent hybrid strains on the market. This strain gets its name from the amazing amount of resin that it produces, which gives it an intense wood and spice flavour. Its effect is physically and mentally potent.

Skywalker Haze comes from a cross between Mazar and Blueberry, and in the 90s it became an incredibly popular strain; this plant is potent, and it produces intensely fruity aromas and flavours. It also produces an intense mental effect that ends up turning into a relaxing sensation over time.

Dutch Passion Feminized Seeds

As well as classic old school strains, Dutch Passion also puts a lot of work into offering original, potent feminized cannabis seeds, some of which are:

Jorge’s Diamonds 1 is a strain that comes from a collaboration between Dutch Passion and the cannabis activist Jorge Cervantes. The resulting plant is incredibly easy to grow and hard like a diamond; it’s sturdy, strong, and it produces sweet, fruity flowers with an intensely physical effect.

For a more mental and euphoric effect, you can check out Critical Orange Punch, a hybrid that comes from Kritikal Bilbo, Grandaddy Purps and Orange Bud. The resulting plant grows fast and produces an enormous amount of sweet, citric buds with hints of Skunk. Its effect starts off euphoric and becomes more relaxing toward the end.

Amsterdam Amnesia is an incredible version of the famous Amnesia Haze. This strain is sativa-dominant, which shows in its structure, with thin leaves and a tall structure. It produces an active and stimulating effect, ideal for getting creative. If you enjoy Haze aromas and flavours, this is the perfect strain for you.

Dutch Passion Autoflowering Seeds

Dutch Passion also has a wide range of autoflowering seeds for those looking to harvest multiple times a year outdoors. They have autoflowering versions of some of their most classic strains such as Auto Power Plant, Auto Skywalker Haze and Auto White Widow.

Plus, they also have incredible strains such as Auto Xtreme, an automatic, sativa-dominant strain that prices a spiced flavour with metallic and citric hints alongside an incensed aroma; a highly interesting combination. It produces quite a strong mental effect, ideal for being creative.

Auto Blueberry is another autoflowering version of a classic strain, and thanks to the breeders at Dutch Passion, who work incredible hard to select and breed strains, this version still has its original blue colours and Blueberry flavour; incredibly similar to blueberries. It has quite an indica effect; soft and physical for complete relaxation.

Dutch Passion CBD-rich strains

Dutch Passion also knows how important CBD, or cannabidiol, is, as it provides multiple medicinal benefits, acting as an anti-inflammatory, for pain relief and much more. This is why this seed bank has created strains with high CBD levels in both feminized and autoflowering formats.

CBD Kush is a strain with a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, which makes it ideal for medicinal and recreational consumers that want to enjoy the benefits of CBD with less intense psychoactive effects. It has a smooth flavour, similar to Kush and Diesel strains. On the other hand, CBD Skunk Haze has the same THC and CBD levels, with a spicy and citric flavour, similar to Haze strains.

If you prefer to grow autoflowering strains, we recommend one of their best medicinal strains: CBD Auto White Widow, a plant that’s incredibly easy to grow with a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio. It tastes similar to the original strain, sweet and fruity, with a mental effect and hints of physical relaxation.

Dutch Passion US Strains

Dutch Passion doesn’t just invest in EU strains, they also work with renowned US and Canadian strains in order to create truly impressive plants with unique aromas and flavours.

A great example of this is Glueberry OG, a strain that comes from a combination between the amazing Gorilla Glue and OG Kush, which was then crossed with a potent Blueberry. This strain guarantees amazing results; intensely sweet flavours with hints of hash and mentally stimulating, physically relaxing effects.

Meringue is the ideal strain if you’re looking for sweet flavours accompanied by euphoric effects. This strain comes from a combination between Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies, two of Dutch Passion’s sweetest strains. Its buds end up covered in a thick layer of resin, ideal for making your own extracts.

Dutch Passion – Other Cannabinoids

Even though THC and CBD are two of the most well-known cannabinoids, there are over 100 types of cannabinoids that interact with our endocannabinoid system. For example, CBG (cannabigerol), also has medicinal benefits for those that suffer from pain or anxiety, as well as possibly treating various chronic illnesses.

THC-V is another lesser-known cannabinoids that has a much less potent effect than THC, but it does produce an effect. This cannabinoid has one particular benefit that differs from THC, which is that it can be used to suppress the appetite, useful in some conditions. Plus, various studies show that THC-V has multiple possible benefits such as stimulating bone growth.

CBG-Force is a strain that contains up to 15% CBG, and less than 0.15% THC, which makes it legal to grow in many places. It doesn’t produce any sort of psychoactive effect, although it does allow you to enjoy the effects of CBG.

THC-Victory is the first seed of its kind, with a 1:1 THC/THC-V ratio. THC-V produces a softer effect, and it also softens the effects of THC slightly. This strain produces a moderately low intensity effect, ideal for enjoying the effects of cannabis without having it become too intense; one of the best things about this strain is that it’s great for consumers that don’t have a high THC tolerance but still want to enjoy its delicious citric flavour.

If you’re not sure which seed to choose from Dutch Passion’s wide range of seeds, you can get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll help you to pick the ideal cannabis strain for your particular growing needs. 

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