Mr Hide Seeds

Mr Hide Seeds

The Cannabis seed bank Mr Hide started off in 2015 alongside Mr Hide Cannabis Social club and their partners.

This group works with a very clear set of rules when it comes to creating strains; vigor, plant properties, stability and good germination rates. This is how they’ve managed to fill their catalogue with high quality seeds that growers all over the world love to enjoy.

With quite a lot of emphasis on R+D, Mr Hide Seeds has created strains with which many awards and prizes have been won, making themselves their own spot in history.

Mr Hide Seeds Catalogue – What to Expect

Among their cannabis seed catalogue, they have strains that stand out thanks to having been crossed with Scott’s Critical Mass. They have three categories in their catalogue – feminized, autoflowering and CBD-rich (cannabidiol) strains, which is a cannabinoid that’s highly recommended for therapeutic use.

Some of the best strains in their catalogue are Mr. Mother Earth, Mr Amnesia Mass or the autoflowering medicinal Auto Winweed CBD.

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