Purple City Genetics

Purple City Genetics

At La Huerta Grow Shop we work with renowned seed banks from around the world, including US seed banks that are known for their impressive strains.

Purple City Genetics (PCG) ever since they began back in 2008, they’ve made an incredible effort to work with strong, high performing and high-terpene cannabis plants. They’re made up of a renowned group of growers based out of Oakland, California.

PCG has evolved quickly over the years, giving shape to their local cannabis culture, to the point of winning over the entire community with their high quality seeds. This is why most of their products can be found in the best clubs and dispensaries in Oakland, LA, Sacramento etc.

Purple City Genetics Work Ethic

The breeders at Purple City Genetics are constantly adapting to the needs and demand on the cannabis market, which is constantly evolving. They have their own lab, where they do the necessary tests to guarantee quality at all times, working with academics and scientists in order to deal with all of the challenges that this constant evolution implies.

Purple City Genetics US Strains

Purple City Genetics is a seed bank that works with potent, important strains from the US, and their strains are currently available in all of the best US dispensaries.

Among their main strains you can find delicious strains such as the hybrid PCG Cookies x Watermelon Zkittlez, a strain that has captured the attention of cannabis growers who make their own extracts. It has a surprisingly sweet flavour, kind of like watermelon candy and dessert, alongside a potent relaxing effect.

GMO x Strawnana is a sativa-dominant strain that has quite a strong genetic lineage. This strain grows incredibly strong and produces a large amount of resinous flowers. It produces a flowery flavour with hints of cream and dessert, similar to its GMO origins (Chem D x Girl Scout Cookies).

If you’re looking for high performance and intense aromas, Gelato x Watermelon Zkittlez is an ideal combination of two strains known for their intense flavours. This plant is quite sturdy, and it-s perfect if you’re a beginner grower without much experience; just keep in mind that it can stretch out a bit once the flowering stage begins. This strain lets off an exotic, potent fragrance that can be sweet and citric at the same time, with flowery hints.

Straw Boujee is a combination between some of the most popular strains in US dispensaries; OG Kush, Gelato and Cookies, as well as two classic strains from Dutch coffee shops, Durban and Bubblegum. The resulting strain is an absolute monster that does well in any environment, producing large amounts of intense flowers that produce fruity, creamy flavours. It produces high amounts of THC, also, which produces a potent effect and inspires creativity.

If you have any questions regarding Purple City Genetic’s strains, you can get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of experts or use the seed finder to the left in order to find the perfect seed for your needs!

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